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Raptors opt to Not Make Any Trades at Deadline

The deadline for NBA trades came around on Thursday, and while several teams initiated trades at the very last moment, there was one team that stood out for not making any at all. The Toronto Raptors instead chose to keep its roster in exactly the same way. Yet, there's little surprise behind this move, considering the team has been at quite the peak for some time now.

General Manager of the Raptors, Bobby Webster did mention that once the trade deadline had passed by, that the Toronto team had talks. While certain options were discussed within, he is happy with where his team is at current, and he believes that they have the potential to grow even more once all players are back to 100% health.

While one or two people questioned the lack of Kawhi Leonard on the Raptors team, after he arrived and then left after last season, they have actually become a better team without him on the roster. As it happens, the Raptors currently stand 37-14 on the season following their defeat of the Indiana Pacers 119-118 on Wednesday night. That gave them their 12th straight victory - a franchise record for the Raptors.

Despite the fact that Leonard was pretty much focused on as being a great thing for the Raptors, last season Toronto stood 36-15 after 51 games. Granted, that's not a huge difference, but when you also consider that various players have all missed multiple games due to injuries this season, it makes the team’s star power stand out.

The Raptors Still Have Their Doubters

The Toronto team does seem to have a lot going for it at the moment, although there are still people who doubt them. Many have questioned whether they will do as well once they face off against the Milwaukee Bucks. That game will occur on February 25, so there will likely be a lot of people spectating to see just how well things proceed.

Not only that, but various online sportsbooks will be looking towards this match as being a precursor to how well people may end up betting on the Raptors in later games. There are some giving away bonus codes that are specifically for use on their sites too, such as the 10Bet Bonus Code that is available via SilentBet. Using that will give you some extra funds so that you can wager on the Raptors (or any other NBA team, if you have your mind on an alternative).

Toronto may have managed to make a swift comeback against the Pacers, claiming 19 points to overtake their opponents before the finish of the game. And earlier on this year, the team mounted a 30-point comeback against the Dallas Mavericks in spectacular fashion. Playing against the Bucks will test that resolve once more, though.

When you look at the loss of Leonard and Danny Green on paper, it does seem like Toronto is on the losing end of the scale. Yet, fortunately, NBA games don’t play out on paper, and if there’s one thing about the Raptors' player