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NBA Distances Itself From Photographer Who Posted Inappropriate Kamala Harris Memes

A photographer, who used to work freelance for NBA, finds himself in troubled waters after posting some offensive memes about Kamala Harris in the wake of the announcement that the California senator would the running-mate of the Democratic Party's presidential candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming US elections.

Bill Baptist, the Houston based photographer, shared a meme captioning "Joe and the Hoe." But, he could barely anticipate that it would cost him like losing big in an online casino uk.

How People Noticed

Former WNBA star and Houston Comet ace Sheryl Swoopes was the first one to point out that the post maker was associated with the NBA.

Swoopes took to Facebook to express her disapproval of the act. She wrote that the person in question works for NBA and particularly covers the Houston Rockets. He is not a new recruitment, in fact, he has been a mainstay contractor for the NBA for quite some time now. She points out that Bill had also worked with the Houston Comets.

She expressed her disgust after identifying the true nature of that person. She said that Bill used to be a smiling presence to have around. It seemed unfathomable that he harbored such hate for a woman of diversity. She called out NBA and Houston Rockets and demanded that his contract needs to be terminated immediately.

Swoopes found the post so disrespectful and also addressed Bill personally. She went on to say that Bill should feel sorry for his irresponsible social media activity.

Where's Baptiste Now?

Recently, Baptiste has been living in Florida. No, he wasn't there for checking out the famous kasyna online located in the area. He had been working in NBA's bubble in Orlando. He doesn't currently work with the Houston Rockets, as Swoopes had indicated, but he had past affiliations with the franchise and has worked for them for a couple of years.

What Does The NBA Say?

When reporters came in contact with the NBA and asked the representatives of the organization to clarify their stance on this matter, a spokesperson issued an official statement. The statement utters that the photographer works independently and his current arrangement with the NBA has been terminated.

So, as of now, Bill Baptiste has no professional relationship with the NBA.

What Did Baptiste Say About His Remarks?

Baptiste has also opened up about the incident. He says that he wants to apologize for sharing such an inappropriate phrase on his public page. He had seen other people share it and, in a poor moment of judgement, he found it funny and wanted to share it too. He copied and pasted it on his Facebook timeline.

This was an abrupt reaction to Joe Biden announcing his veep selection for the US presidential election, which is due to take place on November 4, 2020. He insists the post doesn't reflect his personal views in any way. He insists that he meant it as a joke and didn't realize how offensive it might appear to a lot of people.

Swoopes reiterated his regrets about sharing such an insensitive post. He admits that he made a terrible mistake. He had no intention to offend any ethnicity and gender.

Why Is Kamala Harris Receiving So Much Hate?

Kamala Harris has drawn severe online hatred, mainly from conservatives, after it was announced that she won the vice-president race for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. She was criticised for her role as the Attorney General of California. However, most of the online hate speech seems to take a dig at her skin color and birth origin. Some even went on to question the legitimacy of her US citizenship.

NBA's Stance On Racial Hatred and Discrimination

NBA has taken a strong stance in support of racial equity and the organization has strongly condemned acts of racial disparities. In the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement, the basketball regulatory authority in the US has occupied a proactive role. While all sports organization has voiced their support for the cause, NBA took it a notch further.

The organization has put together the NBA Foundation that will specifically fund programs for the betterment of the underprivileged Black community in the United States. Instead of a stopgap measure, the organization aimed to do something permanent. The NBA hierarchy wanted to take a step that would lead towards a permanent abolishment of systemic racism.

All NBA franchises have come forward to contribute to the fund, which would amass to an annual sum of $30m.