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A Guide on Placing a Wager on the National Basketball Association

According to a basketball legend known as Michael Jordan, it is possible for people to exercise practicing 8 hours each every day, but if the player practices using the wrong method, he or she just becomes great at making bad shots. A player needs to master the cores as well as skills to become a great player.

For many years, our site has been number one when it comes to giving our readers things happening in sports sector. The guides are meant to assist you understand all vital things when it comes to sports investing. In this piece, we are focusing on everything you need to know about NBA gambling in France 1-CasinosEnLigne.com or anywhere in the world. Normally, an NBA league begins when October is coming to an end while finals happen towards the end of July. This long season gives players a big opportunity to earn huge amounts of cash. However, before you begin investing, you need to learn about betting on NBA. In this text, you will learn about several bet types offered by the NBA such as futures, spread, halftime, money line and others. Continue reading to learn more.


Those who love the NBA know that matches can have very high scores since teams get twenty four seconds on each possession to make a basket. Because of such a trend, bet providers need a spread so as opportunity equal for both teams winning a bet. It is very common to notice a 15 plus point spreads. This is rare when betting on the NFL. Check the instance below to help you understand more.

  • Team A opening line -2 -110
  • Team B opening line +2 -110

    The instance above shows the first line for a normal season game between Team A and Team B. The -2 shows that Team A has an upper hand despite the other team being at home. The '-110' is called juice or vig. In simple words, it is the amount sport books get when you bet using their site.

    Money line

    It is a bet type that offers several odds based on the team that will win. Money-line odds tend to become drastic when NBA powerhouses are playing the low level teams who are fighting relegation.


    A total bet is one that a player bets on the combined scores of the playing teams. It is the bookmakers who determine this number and a player bets on under or over. Note that NBA has the record for the highest scores in the major sports in the United States so it is not rare to witness scores above 220. It is worth noting that totals lines can change from the release time so it is important to check with the betting site before you place a bet.

    1st half/quarter lines

    If you are familiar with NBA, you know that a game comes with four quarters that are twelve minutes long. You can predict the result of the first quarter as well as half before the kickoff whistle. You can think of these wagers as the game within a game wagers. First 1/4 line lets you to determine who you predict will cover the spread when the 1st quarter comes to an end. The first half lines are literally similar, only difference is they cover the 1st half. Just like most sports, you will find teams popular for scoring more in the first round while others do better in the final rounds.

    Halftime lines

    Among many fans, when halftime comes, they start flipping through the channels, however, for the true gamblers; they can use HT to make some cash. You can only get halftime lines during the halftime break. These halftime lines consider what happened in the first half to form a totally new spread for the other half. Players need to know that after halftime the game is new and anything might happen.

    Teaser or parlay

    Like most sports in USA, gamers can parlay, this is basically combining bets to enhance payout. In a bid for a player's parlay to give you a win, all your wagers need to cover. It is possible to combine totals, spread and money line wagers to enhance a parlay payout. Teaser wager is basically equal to a parlay bet only the bet provider offers you scores to boost your winning odds but lower your entire payout. For instance, if a player is betting on a minus 4 point teaser and a team’s spread is -10, it can be -6. The minus 4 point advantage is added to every part of the teaser bet.


    Such wagers are known as proposition wagers placed on the team that will win a conference or the championship. However, the futures can be placed on players and not just the teams. For instance, players can bet on the player who will win the MVP. Additionally, you can find bets such as the under/over wins of a certain team. Odds change as the championship progresses and the odds are taken down once it’s official that the team is out of the running.

    However, it is rare for teams to be removed from this list before match ends. Although it is common knowledge that only eight NBA sides have been champions in the past three decades, most gamers like to bet on a dark horse team because of the better odds they are given. You can decide to wager on a number of teams to enhance your winning possibilities.