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Some interesting facts about the NBA and its origins

Fellow sports lovers, you all know that the NBA is one of the most significant leagues and the most respected organizations when it comes to sports. Some of you are entirely new to this sports life, while some of you have been following this organization for a long time. Either way, there may be some facts that you have missed throughout the years. But no worries, we're here to hook you up. If that sounds interesting, then check this and the other articles out. You'll love them for sure.

Well, the first thing that you need to know is that the full name of the NBA is actually the National Basketball Association. It's basically based in the USA, with thirty teams in line. Twenty-nine of them come from the United States of America, while only one team is Canada based. But, one thing is interesting about the NBA - it wasn't always called that way. At first, the full name of this sports association was the BAA (Basketball Association of America). The NBA only got its official name on the third of August in 1949. But, the organization was founded on the sixth of June in 1946. And like all the great things, it's still very popular and widely followed, just like RPG Sex Games. Of course, as you all know, the NBA season starts in October and ends in June, with eighty-two games being played every year, which is fantastic and genuinely fascinating.

One thing that's also pretty interesting is the fact that Providence, Rhode Island, once also had its team. They were called the Providence Steamrollers, and they actually lasted for the whole three seasons. They also had a pretty impressive record score, too, 46-122. There's also something else interesting out there. Maybe some of you are convinced that there are shocking things in this world. There are wars, robberies, porn, and of course, Strip Games. But even all those things aren't as surprising as what you're about to hear. Many of you maybe are fans of Shaquille O'Neal. Well, what you didn't know is the fact that O'Neal also has a rap hit. We won't be spoiling anything, but if you want to check it out and have a good laugh, you can find the song on Youtube. This is probably one of the most shocking NBA facts in existence, and rightfully so. And, of course, there are other interesting NBA facts tied to Hip Hop as well. For example, Kobe Bryant met his wife during a rap video shoot. He appeared in the video of Tha Eastsidaz's song, while he was also recording an album on his own.

So, if you think that there aren't any more silly or interesting facts about the NBA, you're wrong. But, if you want to check all of them out and see even more articles, you're going to have to follow this website and check more articles like this one out. We are fairly sure that you're going to like them all!