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Essay on NBA vs. WNBA

One of the favorite themes of many students is sports. Almost every student in school, college, and university are fond of some kind of sports. Basketball is of huge popularity in the USA, as well as across the globe. Therefore, many youngsters prefer it and some of them tightly bind their future with it. Thus, it may not be a problem to write an essay on basketball. Notwithstanding, it may induce some complications if students have to disclose the NBA and WNBA in a single project.

Firstly, let's define both abbreviations. NBA stands for the National Basketball League where play men. WNBA is deciphered as the Women's National Basketball League. Each union represents different genders and this is the first huge difference that is the root of other differences.

Secondly, we should figure out possible complications. Why can it induce some problems? We know that players of both leagues play the same game with the same general rules. Nonetheless, there are differences. Some of them can be easily explained. In the meanwhile, others aren't that easy to understand and leave some questions and even lead to confrontation among the leagues' representatives. To write a proper essay on this topic, you should know the main similarities and dissimilarities. It's worth mentioning that essays are of different types. Depending on the assigned type, you should plan your writing strategy. If you have to analyze and explain two opposite objects or qualities, it's a compare and contrast essay. It has a very simple definition. You should compare two studied objects and show how much in common they have. Afterward, contrast them to one another and reveal their major differences. A team of highly qualified writers from CustomWritings - essay writing company will provide you with professional tips which will help you to prepare a stellar paper about NBA vs. WNBA.


It's necessary to begin with similar features of two leagues. They are as follows::

  • Playing basketball in accordance with general rules;:
  • The leagues consist of two Conferences – Western and Eastern;:
  • The games consist of four quarters;:
  • The players are drafted;:
  • Regular seasons are followed by the play-off games;:
  • The winners from two Conferences meet in the finals of play-offs;:

    These are the main things in common. Mind that some of them have some differences if you dig deeper. The next section will tell you about some of them.


    Now, we'd like to contrast both unions. There are certain restrictions that make a difference. We'll analyze each in turn. Take a look at the table.
    Gender: Male Gender: Female
    Year of establishment: 1946 Year of establishment: 1996
    Number of teams: 30 Number of teams: 12
    Roster size: 12-15 Roster size: 12
    Age of drafting: 19
    Age of drafting: 22 Quarter time: 12 minutes Quarter time: 10 minutes

    NBA belongs to one of five major American leagues. The others are baseball, American football, hockey, and soccer. WNBA isn't one of the major leagues in the USA but its players are professionals too.

    WNBA was founded in the year 1996 but the first season started a year later. The number of teams is only 12 and it strongly affects the way play-offs run. Men define the best out of eight first teams according to the regular season. Thus, the first place in each conference plays against the 8th team. The teams lower than the 8th position, are out of competition until the next season starts. The scheme is simple:

  • 1 vs. 8:
  • 2 vs. 7:
  • 3 vs. 6:
  • 4 vs. 5:
    Women don't follow quite the same scheme. Only four first teams play in playoffs. It's obvious because there are only 12 of them. They play according to the following scheme:
  • 1 vs. 4:
  • 2 vs. 3:
    The winners of the Conferences' finals advance to the League Finals. This rule is the same for all.

    The number of players that can play in a game is different to a certain extent. In the male competitions, 12 players are the minimum but the coach may register three more players at a wish. The female competitions have only one limit and it is 12 players.

    Another difference is related to the age when players can be drafted. Male athletes can be drafted at the age of 19 years and if they already have at the year of post-secondary experience. Women can be drafted only beginning at 22 and older. Some people argue this age restriction and see no point in increasing it for women.

    The game consists of four quarters, but the time in both leagues is different. Men play 12 minutes in each quarter and women 10 minutes per quarter. Such differences can be explained due to the endurance and strengths of two genders. Therefore, it leaves no room for disputes.

    One should know another important issue. Salaries in both leagues strongly differ. It's the matter of hot debates today. NBA players receive 50% of the Leagues revenue. The budget is over $6 billion. In the meanwhile, women's tournament has a much smaller budget and they receive only 25% of revenue. Therefore, your essay about these two leagues should obligatorily contain this data as well. One may find a lot of useful data to complete a separate essay dedicated solely to this question if you wish.

    As you can see, you may easily compose a good compare and contrast essay on the NBA and WNBA. There are many differences, which should be analyzed. Use this article to write a strong piece.