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The Mascots For Your Favorite NBA Teams

The NBA is one of the most incredible and fortuitous organisations in sport. They control pretty much the entirety of the competitive basketball scene, and so all of the teams have mascots assigned to them as a way of creating a sense of community. It provides a conduit, a link between the players and the fans, and nearly every team has a mascot.

So, let's take a look at some of the different mascots for the teams, so we can properly identify which team has which legendary figure backing them up, as we examine NBA's mascots from worst to best here too.

Orlando Magic - Stuff the Magic Dragon

Let's start this off with a fairly comedic element. You didn't read the title of this one wrong, Orlando genuinely has a mascot called Stuff the Magic Dragon. You might think this is fairly crazy, and to be honest, you wouldn't be alone in that assessment. This particular mascot has garnered a large amount of criticism over the years, with many believing that it should be retired, because it's not exactly at home in the serious world of competitive basketball. However, it is pretty infamous, and is there such a thing as bad publicity?

Los Angeles Lakers - Jack Nicholson

Some teams have strange and fantastical mascots, some teams have appreciated mascots, but the Los Angeles Lakers have Jack Nicholson. We are really not joking here. Jack Nicholson is pretty much the unofficial mascot of the team. He's been a fan for decades now, and is frequently a guest at games.

As people may know, Jack Nicholson is a celebrity and actor, with roles such as the Joker in Tim Burton's Batman film, to name just an example. He's a pretty terrifying guy, definitely got that sort of unhinged, devious look about him, so he is an interesting choice for a mascot, but he is pretty much synonymous with the Lakers at this point.

Utah Jazz - The Utah Jazz Bear

Do you like jazz? How about the Utah Jazz, one of the most impressive teams to come out of Utah, well ever. Their mascot is the Utah Jazz Bear. He has an electric personality, and doesn't seem to particularly care what anybody thinks of him. He's just there to support his team. In fact, he will regularly harass opposing fans in a good natured way, which should speak volumes about the kind of dedication that this mascot has for his players. Maybe we should all be a little bit like the Utah Jazz Bear from time to time, although perhaps with less harassment and more dedication.

Boston Celtics - Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg

The Boston Celtics have not had a good time recently in terms of mascots. Their lucky leprechaun left, and so they were without a mascot. However, they may have gained two unofficial mascots in the forms of Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg. These two actors are good actors, famous actors who have appeared in a lot of different films. And they're both diehard Boston Celtic fans. They are frequently seen at the games, and at this point they may as well just be unofficial mascots for the team. It's pretty much the best replacement for a lucky leprechaun that people can hope for really.

Toronto Raptors - The Raptor

Who doesn't want the mascot to be a raptor? For the Toronto Raptors, this is pretty much the standard, as their NBA mascot is literally just a giant raptor.

However, do not be fooled. This is in fact one of the most popular mascots around, offering a unique perspective, and very dynamic energy that is brought to the role. The raptor is without doubt one of the most interesting Mascots, and it serves the Toronto Raptors well whenever they step out to play.

So these are perhaps some of the top mascots for the NBA. they all contribute something unique, and they all offer you the chance to interact with the spot on a new and deep level. What a lot of people don't understand is that when it comes to the sporting events, people try and come up with the best possible options all at once. These mascots are here to establish a connection between you and the group you're working with. The team you support, the people that you have chosen to standby, the mascot is the connection between you. It's a person who helps to get people excited, the person that becomes known for that team, and they're always fun. Whether it is a celebrity or someone in a costume, these mascots are part of the team, part of the culture, part of the world. And that makes them incredibly unique and special for each club and each team.