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Lakers Turn Up the Defense for 2019 - 2020

After a rollercoaster ride of a season in 2018-2019, the Los Angeles Lakers are making a comeback with a completely retooled super team of young, energetic and talented players. Believe it or not, the Lakers are back among the NBA favorites in the upcoming season of 2019-2020, after nearly a decade of going without a title.

Granted that the Lakers may not bag the prize in 2019, mostly due to their allegedly weak defense, they still have as good a chance as any other team to pull a spectacular game throughout the next season. Remember, this is a team that experienced a series of setbacks and player injuries last year, and right now they have only but a bare-bones roster to begin the approaching NBA season with. But to be fair, the Lakers have got a fighting chance, and they will almost certainly be better at defense than most people would think.

For starters, the Lakers have a stifling defense and they are upping their game. In fact, their defensive strategies might even be the reason they end up winning the NBA Championship. The Lakers have strong defenders like Rajon Rondo, Danny Green and Avery Bradley, who are all known to have made their mark at the perimeter in various NBA All-Defensive Teams in the past. In addition, the Lakers have mighty names on their roll, star players like LeBron James (whose defense has taken a step back in the last season), Anthony Davis, and Javale Mcgee - both who may not be great at defense, but are formidable shot blockbusters who will make it extremely tricky for opponents to push towards the basket, let alone score in the paint.

The Lakers, at least on paper, are touted the 13th best defense in the league, but the situation could, in fact, be much better and more promising once we take in the ground realities. The Lakers are built to survive the 82-game season just like any first-class NBA team. With the likes of LeBron, Cousins, Kuzma, and Davis sharing the court between them, the Lakers have a strong starting line-up strengthened by a deep bench comprising of experienced and sublime players, all of whom will have their share of getting the league to contend for the championship, and possibly even win it.

On the defensive end, the Lakers lost Lonzo Ball - who was arguably their best defensive player - in the swap for Anthony Davis. While most people are not expecting the Los Angeles Lakers to pull off any real defense in the upcoming season, they have a rather good chance of exceeding, and even defying, those expectations.

Take, for example, Anthony Davis, who is widely known to be one of the best rim protectors and defenders in the league. LeBron James, although known for lapses in defense for the last couple of seasons, is still not too far behind. Not too long ago, LeBron played as a permanent member of the All-Defensive Team and is still going strong. Both James and Davis are presumed to address the defense issues faced by the Lakers, and it will be indeed quite fascinating to watch how the duo handles them in their own unique way.

Trading Lonzo Ball for Davis may, in fact, be a blessing in disguise for the Los Angeles Lakers, who have not been able to make it beyond the postseason since the 2012-2013 NBA Championship. All in all, the Lakers are expected to be ultra-cautious in their approach after they went through a roster disaster in the last season. In fact, they will even be willing to go to great lengths for the team's success in the next season, especially considering the fact that Anthony Davis will enlist as a Free Agent by the year 2020.

Perhaps the most exciting development so far has been the Lakers’ decision to bring Gonzaga Bulldogs' Zach Norvell on board. Norvell already enjoys excellent chemistry with another Lakers star player, Talent Horton Tucker, who plays as a second-rounder for the league. Norwell is a fine player, and he will complement the team in the season 2019-2020 well. If all goes well, and the Lakers are able to improve their defensive line, then they will be virtually unstoppable in the forthcoming season.