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Most Iconic NBA Basketball Players

When it comes to basketball, you don't need many accessories like a heavy bob bag or tennis rackets - much more important are the shoes, the ball and great teammates. In basketball, it's probably the easiest to recognize a good team and to spot the ones who are truly gifted for this sport.

Michael Jordan (active between 1985 - 2003)
Michael Jordan's name is synonymous with basketball. No wonder, giving how he managed to score 30.1 points per game. He was also undefeated in six NBA Finals and his offensive was something players can only dream about. That 30.1 points per game score is the best in all of NBA history.

When it comes to defense, he also proved to be a master of the game, as he had, on average, 2.35 steals/game which is the third-best in the history of the NBA. Add to that his iconic Air Jordan sneakers created by Nike and the still popular "Space Jam" film and you got yourself a person who took basketball to the next level.

LeBron James (active between 2004 - present)
If there is anyone who dares to come close to Michael Jordan's performance, that person is LeBron James, one of the best players this game has ever had. His career stat line is 27.11 points which is the fourth-best of all time to which we add 7.4 rebounds and also 7.3 assists/game.

He also has 12 first-team All-NBA selections which is the best in history. He took the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat to the NBA Finals in eight consecutive years and won three of them. In an age when new talent doesn't seem to come very often, LeBron managed to make an impact few people ever did.

Kobe Bryant (active between 1997 - 2016)
The tragic accident that took his life and the life of one of his daughters will unfortunately never be forgotten, but thankfully, Kobe had a career that most would envy. He won five NBA championships with the Lakers and every time he was playing, you could tell he was giving his all - and that all was a lot.

The nickname he gave himself, "Black Mamba" is very fitting for somebody who has 15 All-NBA selections (tied with Tim Duncan) while the 25.50 point game he has to his name places him in third place overall, only behind Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain.

Shaquille O'Neal (active between 1993 - 2011)
Shaq is remembered as one of the best and last of the dominant centers of the NBA. He played an important part in four championship teams across his illustrious career. Shaq sunk over 58% of the goals he attempted and is placed sixth when it comes to the best shooting percentage in the history of the NBA.

Shaq also managed to contribute with 23.7 points on any game night which is truly impressive. Let's just not talk too much about his movie career.

Chris Paul (active between 2006 - present)
You know you've made it when you have a guest spot on a "Scooby-Doo" episode. Chris is considered not only the best point guard of this generation, but some say he could be the best one of all time. He can equally score points or provide the opportunities for his teammates. He has 2.21 steals/per game which is the sixth-best in the history of the NBA.

While there are many other players that we could mention, these five men have not only changed the history of basketball but managed to become superstars outside of the court as well.