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Atlanta Hawks Continue Trading, Bringing in Dewayne Dedmon

The Atlanta Hawks seem to have been placing a lot of focus on trade deals recently, with the most recent one taking place on Wednesday morning. At that time, the biggest trade in a couple of decades went down, with four teams participating and 12 players being sent here, there and everywhere. In fact, not since 2000 has there been quite as big a deal taking place in the NBA, and back then, even New York traded Patrick Ewing to Seattle. As it happens, just before the 10pm hour on Wednesday, the team opted to make another trade with a Western Conference team. In that deal, the Hawks chose to send Jabari Parker and Alex Len to Sacramento in exchange for Dewayne Dedmon and 2 second-round picks. That stands out as being quite the exceptional deal for the Hawks!

Of course, this isn't the first time that Dedmon has played for Atlanta, which has become quite the headline for the trade. Yet, for Sacramento, it also spells a good move, as they have now achieved their goal of increasing cap space, which they hope to fill by re-signing Bogdan Bogdanovic in the summer. That being said, Dedmon publicly requested a trade in late December last year, which meant him also receiving a $50,000 fine from the NBA as well.

How Does This Help the Hawks?

This trade deal does beg the question as to why Atlanta would opt to sacrifice a large portion of their own cap space. Especially considering that they had been holding on to it for the summer. Of course, Dedmon has history with the Hawks, having played for the team in 2017. Not only that, but he played exceptionally well at that time, averaging 10.4 points ands 7.7 rebounds per game for them. That's what led to him signing a much more lucrative deal and moving to the West Coast. Yet, things seemed to sour quite quickly with Sacramento, despite Dedmon reportedly having a good reputation in the locker room.

The likelihood is that the Hawks will have a lot more people betting on their success with the latest trades, though. Sites like Betenemy for example, will doubtless experience an influx of sports betting wagers. And while that's great for sportsbooks, the Atlanta team will also be hoping that more attention is given to them while they're on the court.

The trade deal also gave Atlanta a final chance to sell high on Parker and Len. The last time Parker stepped on to the court was January 3, thanks to a shoulder injury. Various nagging injuries had managed to sideline Len on more than one occasion as well. At the moment, he is nursing a strained hip flexor, and this me