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NBA Stars and Their Love of Gambling

Everybody loves to have a flutter on their favorite games, and NBA stars are no different. However, while most of us can enjoy the spin of the roulette wheel free from public attention; the same can’t be said of basketball stars.

Michael Jordan

Considered by most as one of the best basketball players from all-time; the six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan is no stranger to a casino. His competitive nature, which he became synonymous for during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls are traits that are not too dissimilar from what you can expect to experience if you played against him at the casino. Jordan is a frequent visitor to Atlantic City, where he can be seen playing his favorite casino games.

Away from the casino, Jordan is also a fan of gambling on sports; specifically putting stakes on games of golf against other famous faces. On one of these occasions, he lost $1 million to a friend after he bet that he could beat him on a round.

Charles Barkley

The former Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets star is also no stranger to the casino, and he is always happy to meet fans when he is approached. The forward remains one of the best personalities among the NBA. He is a close friend to Jordan and frequently visits Atlantic City with the legend.

However, back in 2007, Barkley admitted to losing an astronomical $10 million while gambling in casinos. Furthermore, he also revealed in the interview with Trey Wingo that he once lost $2.5 million in less than six hours. Unlike Jordan, Barkley now prefers to do his gambling in Las Vegas, and he was once taken to court by Wynn Casino for failing to honor his bets in the region of $400,000. Despite this, the former MVP is still a keen gambler and can frequently be seen visiting establishments in Sin City.

J.R. Smith

The former Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks star, and current Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard has been revered for his strange antics off the court throughout his career and one of those stories links in with his love of gambling. Smith’s mansion was broken into and among the items that were stolen was a suitcase containing $15,000 in cash. When questioned by the police, Smith stated that the money was cash that he uses for gambling. Of course, since he is an NBA star on a massive contract, this wasn’t a big deal, but for regular people, it would seem extremely odd.

This was, of course, checked out by the police, and they realized that Smith was a frequent visitor to Atlantic City and Las Vegas where he often played on blackjack and poker.

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