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Three NBA Beginner Betting Markets

The NBA is one of the most loved and exciting sporting leagues in the world. It is also a league that many people love to bet on, which is no surprise. For those who are yet to bet on the NBA, the good news is that this is simple at the start, if you stick to the right markets.

As you progress, there are many different betting markets you can use to place more complex wagers, but these are best avoided early.

Starting simple and in the right way will build the right foundations for the future, rather than confusing you and making things difficult. So where do you start? Here we take a look at three very simple betting markets which you should focus on and every bookmaker will offer. Those listed on The Bookies are some of the biggest, and these all cover these three markets amongst many others.

The Money Line

This is as basic as things get. The money line is simply betting on who will win the game. The method of victory does not matter, this can even be in overtime. All that matters here is who wins the ball game, something we all have an opinion on.

With this market, you can put money on your opinion being right in any NBA game. The odds on offer may not be great, but the chances of winning certainly are. Building up a run of victories and confidence in yourself is key at the start of your betting, so using markets like this one is how you should start.

This market will not make you rich, but it will teach you everything that is right and wrong and give you the confidence to move your betting to the next level when you are ready.

The Handicap Line

If you want to back one of the best teams in the league, such as those who have won past championships, then you will find the odds on offer for them to win are very short.

This is where you need to expand the markets you use, in order to give yourself a wager at better odds. The handicap line can be used in many different ways, but backing favourites is how newcomers should use it.

Here you will be backing teams that have an imaginary deficit they have to overcome, as well as winning the game. For example, a team that has a -9.5 deficit on this line have to not only win the game, but to also win the game by 10 points or more.

This makes it harder to get right, but also increases the odds at the same time so you are rewarded for this risk.

Total Points Spread

A trend in betting recently has been to find betting markets where you can place a wager on the game but not actually choose a team to win.

The simplest way to do this is to bet on the total points spread. Just like it says, this is a bet on the total points in the game, with the option to go over or under the line provided by the bookmakers.

For example, if the game line is set at 190.5, a bet on under would be for 190 points or less while a bet on over would be for 191 points or more.

This is very simple, but a great way to expand your betting portfolio and give you a bet to use when you are not sure who will win the game. Some games you will predict to be tight and low scoring, others will be full of points, so you can bet accordingly.

With these three betting markets, you can grasp the basics of NBA betting as a newcomer.