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NBA Second Round and Beyond Betting Strategies

The NBA is heading into the playoffs second round and beyond. The progression to the next round changes the way that fans bet on games. The problem is, a lot of casual punters don't realize that their betting strategies should change when the playoffs progress to the second round and beyond. NBA fans are preparing for the NBA Conference Championships and Finals, and punters can use bet credits and the latest bonus code before wagering on the next round of games. So, how should your betting strategy change when the NBA moves into the second round and beyond? These tips should help you when wagering on the games.

Fewer Mismatches

The first round of the NBA Playoffs is notorious for having mismatches. You always have the No. 1 seed versus No. 8 seed, and the latter has always struggled to get into the postseason. Once the second-round tips off, the mismatches and difference in talent levels changes greatly. The differences can go from being a top team playing an average NBA squad to taking on a very good one.

Mismatches are common in the first round of the playoffs. The 2020 playoffs, for example, saw the Western Conference's top team, the LA Lakers, play against a so-so Portland Trail Blazers. When the second round begins, the NBA's four worst teams in the playoffs have likely been eliminated. If you do see a mismatch in the second round, then you want to look deeply into the match-up. Make sure you don't underestimate the lower seed.

Everyone is Watching

The NBA Playoffs' first round isn't the most exciting part of the postseason. In fact, it can simply feel like an extension of the regular season. Therefore, the public doesn't pay as much attention to the playoffs until the second round.

There are fewer games in the second round to bet on as well. This means more bettors are following the second-round games, and beyond, and putting their money on them. Line movement is a common issue that sports bettors need to pay attention to during the latter stages of the postseason is which way the line moves. Sportsbooks will move their lines to maximize their chances of winning and minimize their losses.

In addition, fewer games mean sportsbooks can focus on setting lines for games. These lines should be sharper than in previous points of the season. You will need to look hard to find an advantage.

Don't Focus on History

Every playoff series is a new match-up of teams. Too often, casual bettors will focus on the previous series and the outcomes. One team can look unstoppable, while another can just squeak through. Fatigue, home-court advantage, and player form can all factor in to a team playing poorly after excelling in a previous round. Sharp bettors realize that focusing on the previous round and overestimating a teams' performances can be a losing formula. Moreover, believing that a team's coach will make the difference in a close serious can be a huge mistake. That is, unless Pat Riley or Phil Jackson is on the bench.