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Why Players Across the NBA Are Slimming Down

The basketball game is currently changing. While size is a great asset in football or baseball, your pace and agility is crucial in basketball. That is why a lot of NBA players have decided to slim down, including those who have dominated the sport for more than a decade, like LeBron James. Players have realized that it is important to build lean muscle mass as opposed to weight by changing their diet and adding in some workouts. With lean muscle mass you can contribute some game-changing plays in the fourth quarter of the game. This is when you are required to make quicker plays, and being able to muster some energy can allow you to perform a perfect dunk, even when faced with a contested layup. This is why prominent names in the game are deciding to reduce their body fat percentage.

Too much weight can reduce performance

Having a high body fat percentage can hinder your performance. For instance, Ian Mahinmi worked on getting bigger when he started playing. While at first he had three spectacular seasons, from there on his performance started going downhill. He even had some injuries that threatened his career, but when he started working out and revamping his diet to reduce weight, he went back into business, doing what he does best. Shedding weight is not a secret anymore. NBA players are working hard in the off season and even posting their results on social media. Changing your diet, hitting the gym, and using anabolic steroids from trusted sources like Samento can help you gain some lean muscle mass faster.

The game is shifting more into shooting and speed

If you take a look at the current NBA champion team, the Golden State Warriors, you will notice that their players were excellent shooters, such as Steph Curry, as they broke shooting records on their way to the championship. Some of the reasons why they had such great performances is because of their movement, their speed, and their lean muscle mass. Currently, size is no longer as influential in the basketball game as it used to be. This is why players are working hard to turn their body fat into lean muscle mass, so that they can keep up with the pace. More and more players now prefer to have lean muscle and strength, as opposed to size and bulk. The message is clear: The game never stops moving

If you are going to stick to your size and bulk, you will be left behind. Even the veteran NBA players are into the weight-loss scheme. Ask yourself why LeBron James, a guy who has dominated the sport for 13 years, has decided to shed some extra pounds. If you take a look at the current NBA season, a number of teams are hitting a value higher than 100 in terms of offensive possession. In fact, the lowest ranked team, Utah Jazz, could have been ranked 13th a decade ago, which is an indicator that the speed of the game is changing. Experts say the game has picked a different gear, which is about pace.