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7 Most Beautiful Wives of NBA Players

Basketball players are not only tall, handsome men with muscular physiques. These are purposeful, self-confident people who do their best to reach for the stars. And of course, their beloved wives are among the most beautiful and intelligent women in the world. These ladies are always ready to support and inspire their loved ones. We would like to offer you the most beautiful wives of NBA players.

1. Amelia Vega, the wife of David Al Horford

This is the first representative of the Dominican Republic who won the Miss Universe contest (this happened in 2003) and, at the same time, one of the youngest laureates in history. Amelia is married to a basketball player from Boston Celtics David Al Horford, another famous native of the Dominican Republic. The couple already has two children - a really perfect family!

2. Egle Acaite, the wife of Jonas Valanciunas

The wife of the Toronto Raptors star Jonas Valanciunas is a very beautiful girl, three years older than her beloved. Valanciunas and Acaite were friends for less than a year. The athlete made a proposal to his loved one six months after they met. For the sake of her loved one, Acaite quit her job as an assistant deputy in the Lithuanian parliament and moved to Canada. Considering the fact that Acaite's father is also a prominent Lithuanian official, the girl could have had a good political career at home, but love turned out to be stronger than ambitions.

3. Viviana Ortiz, the wife of Jose Juan Barrea

This is another Miss Universe participant on our list, but Viviane did not win the competition. Despite this fact, she managed to attract the attention of a famous compatriot from Puerto Rico, Jose Juan Barrea. The couple has been together since 2013, and in March 2016, they got married. Now, Viviana and Jose raise a little daughter. Curiously, Viviana is a rare example of a basketball player's wife of almost the same height as her husband. And all because of her beautiful long legs. Only wonderful Ukrainian girls can be compared with the beauty of Viviana.

4. Alani "La La" Anthony, the wife of Carmelo Anthony

Alani is a famous radio and TV host, actress and television producer, and she is the wife of the legendary Denver Nuggets and New York Knicks player, Carmelo Anthony. La La and Melo are a dream team! It is a curious fact that they presented to the public the history of their wedding and romantic relationships in the form of a small reality series called La La's Full Court Life. Watch it in your spare time if you are interested.

5. Ayesha Curry, the wife of Stephen Curry

Unlike many of his colleagues, Stephen Curry found his love not at beauty contests and covers of glossy magazines but in early childhood when they went together to church with their parents. The couple has been together since that time: the husband shines on the basketball courts of the NBA, and his wife rattles with knives and cutting boards in the kitchen, as Ayesha is a professional chef. Nowadays, they are happy together and bring up two charming daughters.

6. Milica Marjanovic, the wife of Boban Marjanovic

A Detroit player Boban Marjanovic loves his wife so much that he married her twice! One wedding was held in Mexico, and the second was in Belgrade. The Serbian beauty has already managed to give her loved one two sons. Very soon, Milica risks becoming the lowest in the family, although, she has a quite average female height of 168 cm. But the height of Boban Marjanovic is as much as 223 cm!

7. Savannah Brinson, the wife of LeBron James

The NBA star LeBron James and Savannah have known each other since high school and have been together for over ten years. Savannah, like LeBron, is a native of Ohio, so the beauty was sincerely glad when her husband decided to return to Cavaliers. Brinson tries not to sponge on the rich husband: she works as an interior designer and creates all the nice knick-knacks that are popular with American housewives.