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Andrew Wiggins Progressing Better than Many Would Have You Believe

Andrew Wiggins was tipped as the next big thing in the NBA for a reason. However, those big hopes seemed to have a negative effect on the young Canadian. In fact, these days you will find more people who question his abilities than praise him.

This is to be expected in a sport in which the stakes are always very high and performances should constantly be top notch for a player to be considered as living up to his potential.

It is not like people would suddenly go easy on Andrew Wiggins just because he is still relatively young and developing. NBA is an industry in which performances matter and people depend on players delivering, whether that is when betting on them at novibet.co.uk or backing them to bring you the goods in your fantasy team. And it is because of these high expectations that young players such as Andrew Wiggins constantly have their performances under a magnifying glass. However, even with that much scrutiny going on, Wiggins' performances still seem to be quite good.

Similar Numbers to NBA Greats

One of the biggest reasons why Wiggins has been tipped for NBA success for several years now is his phenomenal performances during his college days. He used to rip defences apart with his powerful cuts to the basket and left fans struggling to believe what they were seeing.

Those moves have dramatically decreased in number once Wiggins started playing in the NBA. This led many people to think that Wiggins was just an over hyped teenager.

And while that might be true, especially as Andrew is Canada's biggest ever basketball hope, Wiggins has practically progressed as you would expect from any talented young NBA player.

His numbers in his first several seasons were similar to players such as Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady, two players he might eventually join in the Hall of Fame. Both Bryant and McGrady had similar and even lower points per game ratios and they only led slightly in assists per game. Having big Shaq and Vince Carter in their primes certainly helped here.

NBA is not College Basketball

Another reason why those cuts to the basket decreased is the fact that NBA defences are much tougher to break down than those he encountered in college basketball. There are no acres of space to move into and if he wants to make that attractive over the basket slam dunk he would have to work his socks off. But this is what Wiggins has been doing for some time now. He has been working very hard on this aspect of his game and the numbers here are certainly improving.

The same can be said of his defensive play. He was lauded as a very good defender back in his college days, but has had to work hard to receive that same praise in the NBA. However, his defensive focus has shown signs of improvement and this cannot go unnoticed.