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5 Teams Likely To Tank In 2018/19 NBA Season

As the new NBA season approaches, there is a lot of speculation about which teams are going to make it to the top and which teams are going to tank. Not every team wants to tank, and so they try everything that they can to get some new players in order to improve their chances of doing well. Tanking is never fun, but it is very likely for a lot of teams as could be seen in the last season. In this article, you’ll find five of the teams that are most likely to tank in the upcoming 2018/19 NBA season. Make sure to keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Why Tank The Season?

For some teams, tanking is not always a choice, however for others, tanking the season gives them time to get their team back on track and ready for the next one. This is often why a lot of teams decide not to compete and aim for the playoffs. They already know that they aren’t going to make it and so they use the current season to build experience for their younger players and figure out what the best line-ups are for them. Of course, for some, tanking is not ideal, and they must learn to use it to their advantage in order to come back fighting in the next season.

Brooklyn Nets

In the recent past, the Brooklyn Nets have seen a lot of losses including three straight 50-plus loss seasons. This is due to a bad trade in 2013 with Boston and a series of events that happened as a result of this. The coach for this team, Kenny Atkinson has said recently that they hope to compete in the upcoming season and hopes to do so with some new players including Ed Davis and Jared Dudley. The Brooklyn Net’s chances are very low as despite the fact that they have a reasonably young team, they don’t have enough firepower to reach the .500 mark.

Phoenix Suns

Another team set to tank this season are the Phoenix Suns despite the fact that they recently added the number one pick DeAndre Ayton. In the west, they are amongst a lot of good teams and they are very likely to come out at the bottom which is not ideal. Their main aim this season will be to develop their younger team members and improve for next season. Sadly, the young players that they have are likely to cause them to lose around 50 or more times this season while they are developing. For those interested in sports betting, it would be advisable to put your money on this team coming out at the bottom on a reputable betting site. Due to how the sports betting service they provide has evolved, Stakers are one of the most recommended sites to turn to and they also offer a welcome bonus which may be worth looking into. Everything you need to know about their sports betting system can be read at the following page: https://www.stakers.com/en/betting/.

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks have some potential but the whole future of their upcoming season relies on player Kristaps Porzingis. This player was injured earlier this year and there is no sign of him returning to the game just yet. Depending on the timing of his return, the Knicks might be able to stay afloat until he is back on the court, otherwise, they might find that this is the season that they tank. It has been said that it would be better for them to tank this season and be ready for the 2019 season with a recovered Porzingis and some new picks joining the squad.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Despite the departure of LeBron to Los Angeles, the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing what they can to stay in the competition. Dan Gilbert, their owner, is securing positions for players like Kevin Love and hoping to make it to the playoffs with this team. Sadly, the team might be set to tank due to their current roster which is made up of a lot of young players and some older vets who are getting to the end of their career. With a lot to consider, it looks as though the best option for the Cleveland Cavaliers is to tank this season and come back strong. LeBron is gone, and it is time for the Cleveland Cavaliers to accept this and try to get their team back to what it was before.

Atlanta Hawks

The final team that we think is going to tank in the upcoming 2018/19 NBA season are the Atlanta Hawks. This team don’t have a lot going on right now and are very unlikely to make it to the playoffs. It has been clear from the way in which they have managed the team recently that they know that they are not going to be competing. They dealt Dennis Schroder to Oklahoma City earlier in the year and don’t have a lot going on with the rotational players that are their main trio. Although this is probably not going to be the year for the Hawks, the future looks promising for them when it comes to their draft in 2019. They are likely to get their hands on some players from Dallas and Cleveland but there is still some doubt on whether they will get all of the picks that they want.

Final Verdict

At this point, it is unclear which teams are going to definitely tank the season, but our predictions are very likely to happen. You’ll find that the teams that we have discussed in this article have other things to think about such as building up their new, younger players and ensuring that they know what they are doing for the 2019 season. Each year, teams trade and lose some players that can make a huge impact on their team and how they do. This is why some time is needed to get the team back on track and sometimes tanking is the only way to do this. Make sure to place your bets on the team that you think isn’t going to tank this year and will make it to the top of the league, but don’t choose these teams!