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NBA rumors: Enes Kanter, Zach Randolph, Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is not an NBA All Star, but he's not much better than the role in which he's being utilized: as Trae Young's backup. The Hawks basketball front office has been committed to losing games as they plan ahead for the upcoming Zion Williamson sweepstakes. Jeremy Lin has thrown a spanner in the works, however. Being one of the best backup point guards in the league, he has already contributed to plummeting their chances at getting a top-3 pick halfway through the season. As a matter of fact, he ranks last in minutes per game among 160 players averaging at least 10 points per game on just over 18 minutes a night despite his 62.3% true shooting percentage - exceptionally elite at Harden-like efficiency.

There are some teams which could make good use of Lin right now, but a couple of them are in the tank race themselves - namely, the Orlando Magic, the Phoenix Suns and the Chicago Bulls, who are all in dire need of a point guard able to sustain NBA-level play on both ends of the floor. Lin can double up as a shooting guard, and even as a small forward as he showed sparingly in his Hornets tenure in certain lineups.

In other NBA rumors on the Atlantic coast, the New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings seem to be moving for a trade involving Enes Kanter. The Turkish center would help the Kings in the rebounding department well, but the Knicks are in danger of not getting much, if anything at all of value back in this deal. Zach Randolph is rumoured to be the player the Kings wish to include as a salary dump, and unless the Knicks are able to snag one of the Kings' several big men on rookie contracts, this move seems to be another in the right direction with regards to the 2019 draft class.

The Kings are proud owners of their first .500 record 42 games into a season since 2006. They have missed 2018 no. 2 draft pick Marvin Bagley in the past few weeks, especially in the rebounding department. The likes of Bjelica, Cauley-Stein, Harry Giles and Koufos are better off facing up with the basketball and playing the game in guard-like fashion, and are all poor rebounders for their size and physiques.

Adding Kanter would supercharge their offense as well. Cauley-Stein is an average to above-average roll man, but he isn't a natural scorer in the mould of Kanter. The problems with the no. 3 pick from the 2011 draft have always had to do with defense, but there is hope within the organization that he'll be a good player in short bursts.

76ers basketball GM Elton Brand should be one of those executives looking out for guys that can create off the dribble. TJ McConnell is a solid backup for Ben Simmons, but he's streaky and not much of a good shooter, and while Landry Shamet has been surprisingly good for them, he's also been a typically inconsistent rookie. Getting Lin for the remainder of the season would really help the spacing around Simmons and Embiid and would allow them to play pick-and-rolls pairing the 7'2' big man with a guard who can shoot consistently off the high screen-and-roll.