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A Closer Look at the NBA Finals Between the Warriors and Raptors: Who Can You Bet on?

While the NBA can never be accused of being boring or stale, four straight NBA finals contested between the Cavaliers and the Warriors was starting to get a little tiresome for even the most ardent basketball fans. Thankfully for fans and bettors, it looks as if the Toronto Raptors felt the same way and after a string of impressive performances, they are set to contest the finals against the Golden State Warriors later this week. Aside from winning the actual title, there's a lot at stake for both the teams and their key players. Although Toronto won both regular season meetings between the two teams, Kawhi Leonard and Steph Curry haven't faced off against each other this season. All in all, the finals are set to be a totally different proposition.

Where Is The Smart Money Going?

The Golden State Warriors are worthy favorites in the betting to claim their fourth NBA finals win in five years against the Toronto Raptors. Those looking for a betting site in order to place a wager will find that the Warriors are around 33/100 to lift the trophy after the completion of game 7 (should the finals get that far). While this isn't particularly good value in itself, various other bets including score predictions and the top points scorer are also available for those feeling a little more confident in their predictions. Steph Curry averaged 36.5 points per game against Portland in the Western Conference finals and it would take a brave punter to back against him doing the same kind of thing to the Warriors in the form that he's in.

The Kawhi Leonard Conundrum

It's been exactly five years since Leonard famously shut down LeBron James and won the 2014 finals. It's difficult to predict exactly what Leonard will do in the off season but his post-season performances have been nothing short of spectacular. From hitting series-enders and game-winners, to making superstars like Giannis Antetokounmpo look like passive amateurs, Leonard has carried the Raptors this far and this series will almost certainly help determine where his long-term future lies. A quick scouring of the internet reveals that although the Clippers look the favorites to sign Leonard at 1/2, you can get around 14/5 and 9/1 for the small forward to join the Knicks and the Lakers respectively.

All Bets Are Off With Regards to Kevin Durrant

Will the Golden State Warriors miss Durrant? The most sensible is probably yes. However, no-one can bet on the extent and the kind of impact that his absence will have on the finals. If the Warriors return from Toronto 2 down or tied at 1-1 and Leonard is looking nuclear once more, the need for Durrant will certainly increase and panic mode could well set in. The truth of the matter is that Durrant is out and the Warriors have to get over it and just play their game. Whether they can do this effectively or not without one of their best players is anyone's guess.