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The Best 7 NBA Players to Watch Out For 2018-19 NBA Season

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the best and most popular sports in the world. You can find worldwide fans for NBA and the numbers of fans are increasing every year for NBA due to the beauty of NBA. It is almost hard to compare NBA with any other sport in the world by reason of its uniqueness and popularity amid fans the world over.

The 2018-19 NBA Season has already kicked off. We have witnessed some of the great and fiercely fought games this season as well by now. The regular season commenced on October 16, 2018, and will finish off on April 10, 2019. The 2018–19 NBA season is the 73rd season of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The playoffs will start April 13, 2019, with the NBA Finals finishing in June.

There are many articles that have already published regarding the schedule of 2018-19 NBA Season, the strengths and weaknesses of the teams, best players of the season, top-ranked payers of the season, most popular current players, highest-paid players in season, well known records that may break this season, nail-biting team clashes of the season, notable players fight of the season, etc.

The global NBA fans love articles that are written about their favorite players, teams, coaches, etc. So, here is a look at the best 7 NBA players to watch out for 2018-19 NBA Season:

1. LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers)

LeBron Raymone James is a professional player of the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA. The basketball fans all over the world label LeBron James as the best basketball player in the world. There are many people who call him as the greatest player of all time. James' NBA achievements are far-reaching and his records suggest that he is the best in the world right now. His major achievements include four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, three All-Star Game MVP awards, and three NBA Finals MVP Awards along with an NBA scoring title, and two Olympic gold medals.

2. Kevin Durant (Golden State Warriors)

Kevin Wayne Durant is currently playing for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. Before joining the Golden State Warriors in 2016, he could play nine seasons in Oklahoma City. He won consecutive championships in 2017 and 2018. Durant is one of the highest-earning basketball players the world over. Although he is 30 now, no one will deny his greatness and his evolution into one of the league's great defenders has been significant to his team's success.

3. Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)

In the NBA, Stephen Curry is playing for the Golden State Warriors. Basketball players, NBA fans and critics label him as the greatest shooter in NBA history. It is considered that none of the current NBA players can equal the shooting intimidation that Curry presents. He is not just good at shooting but also measured as a superlative ball-handler, superior finishers, and unmatchable passer. Curry helped the Warriors to win back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018. In 2015, he became the very first player in NBA history to be selected MVP by a unanimous vote.

4. James Harden (Houston Rockets)

James Edward Harden is a player of the Houston Rockets in the NBA. Harden was picked as the NBA Most Valuable Player in 2018. He could earn All-NBA Team honors five times along with being a six-time NBA All-Star. When played for United States national basketball team, he was able to win gold medals in the 2012 Summer Olympics and also 2014 FIBA World Cup.

5. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a professional Greek basketball player. In the NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo plays for the team Milwaukee Bucks. His athleticism is well known and he is named as the "Greek Freak" by reasons of his athleticism. He is a forward and is renowned for his ball-handling skills. He is a most notable player in this season due to his ability to score points, taking rebounds, giving assists, steals, and blocks.

6. Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Russell Westbrook is an amazing player. He is a professional player of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA. His accomplishments are many and he is a seven-time NBA All-Star along with being a two-time NBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player. A seven-time All-NBA Team member, Westbrook was able to establish a record for the most triple-doubles in a season, with 42.

7. Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans)

Anthony Marshon Davis is another most watch out player in this season. He is playing for the New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA. He mainly focuses on playing in the forward and center positions. Anthony Davis is a five-time NBA All-Star along with naming to three All-NBA First Teams and three NBA All-Defensive Teams. He could grab a gold medal when played for the Team USA in the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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