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Will Deandre Jordan and Lou Williams remain in Lob City?

The faucette is wide open and the NBA Trade Deadline is coming down the pipe!

Weíve already seen some huge shake-ups, most notably the Blake trade. The Los Angeles Clippers showed that they might just go into full-on rebuild mode when they shipped their franchise star over to the Motor City for a 2018 first-round pick, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, and Tobias Harris.

Breaking Down the Griffin Trade

The long-time Celtic, short-term Piston, Bradley is averaging just under 32 minutes, 15 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists per game. At 27, he is still in his prime and will be a reliable scorer -averaging 15 points or more for the last three seasons. As for Marjanovic, I donít see a whole lot of value in either the short-term or long-run for the Clippers organization other than a fairly low-cost backup big-man to play a few minutes per game. Tobias Harris will add scoring depth to the roster. At 32-and-half minutes, 18.1 points 5.1 rebounds, 2.1 assists per game, he is a good pickup and the fact there should be some on-court chemistry already with Bradley, integrating the two players shouldnít be too much of a problem and there shouldnít be too much of a dip on the scoreboard with Blake gone.

Lawrence Frank, evidently, is not satisfied with being a middle-the-road Western Conference team. The Blake trade shows this Ö and you have to wonder, is there going to be a complete fire-sale? Will Deandre Jordan pack his bags to leave la la land as well? And What about Lou Williams? My guess is yes. The question is to where? At just under 12-points per game and 15 boards, heís definitely a commodity for any team that needs a scoring big-man that can help protect the paint and of course, prove roughly 15 rebounds per game.

There is talk of a deal with Cleveland, perhaps a Shumpert & Thompson deal that includes a later first-round pick. Though, other than the prospect of snagging a great pick, Iím not sure how much this deal would benefit Los Angeles (unless the Cavs picked up a good chunk of that remaining Tristan Thompson salary. Still, does that really help the Clippers in complete rebuild situation? To my eye not really, itís just a buoy to keep them semi-competitive and maintain right there in the middle of the west Ö So, I donít really see Ballmer and Frank jumping up and down over that working out with Cleveland.

There are rumors around the water cooler that perhaps the Milwaukee Bucks might be interested in improving their play at the center position. It makes sense. The Bucks are in the hunt and with the Heatís recent surge, they might not be as willing to mess with their team dynamics, which would take Hassan Whiteside off the table. But we know that the Clippers are not going to just gift Jordan away Ö so would the Bucks be willing to give up Jabari Parker in the deal? Or would the Clippers take a mid-first-round pick with Dellavedova, John Henson and perhaps the 6í10 rookie, D.J. Wilson?

What about Lou? Is there a possibility of Jordan and Williams going together for a mega-trade? Perhaps to the Cavs? I doubt it, but itís fun to mull over. New Orleans might be willing to throw some of their young squad plus a first-round pick for a serious attempt at acquiring Williams. Adding a fleet-footed scoring machine to the big, rim thumping duo of Cousins and Davis could help the Pelicans close out strong and really become a playoff threat.

Weíll have to watch and see what happens. One thing I always do the day after the deadline is to check the new championship odds posted by 5dimes. They seem to know better than anyone how trades can affect a teamís immediate future and you can see this reflected in the position change for a team to win their conference or their odds on winning the whole shebang.

Written by:
    Michelle Trachtenburg