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Tough Cuts Coming For All 30 Teams

With the NBA preseason winding down many teams have a lot of tough choices to make to get their rosters to the required 15 players. All 30 teams must wind down their rosters to 15 before the October 14th deadline, but some teams have tougher choices than others.

Every October the NBA sees this, massive amounts of players getting released, but this year is different in that so many teams signed players to guaranteed contracts over the summer to try and woo their services away from other teams. Other teams acquired guaranteed contracts in 3-for-1 or 2-for-1 trades over the summer.

The defending eastern champion Cleveland Cavaliers have some of the toughest cuts to make. Right now they are sitting at 19 players on their roster after signing Dwayne Wade and trading Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas and others. The Cavs must release 4 players and almost all of them are solid veterans. The one easy move that they'll have will be releasing Kendrick Perkins. The vet just doesn't fit their scheme and has looked lost in the preseason. The Cavaliers will also most likely waive 2nd year man Kay Fielder and 3rd year center Edy Tavares. This is where the cuts will be most difficult, the Cavs would than need to either release Richard Jefferson or Channing Frye.

Defending NBA champion Golden State has a much easier time with their roster cuts than the Cavs. The Warriors have only 17 players and the two most likely to get cut are George Niang and Michael Gbinije; both 2nd year players. The Warriors may try to bring both players back on two way deals later in the season. There is a good chance according to Grande Vegas online casino that the Warriors once again win the NBA title.

The Boston Celtics also have their roster pretty much set. They have 17 players but really only 13 that they absolutely must keep. They have had an open competition in training camp for the last two spots between LJ Peak, Andrew White, Daniel Theis, and Jonathan Holmes. The Celtics will likely keep 2 of the 4.

Another team with some difficult choices laying ahead is the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder had one of the best off-seasons in NBA history acquiring Paul George and Carmelo Anothy, but they also signed some other very good players to place around their super team. The Thunder have 19 players under contract, so 4 cuts are going to be necessary. The most likely cuts will be non-guaranteed contracts Bryce Alford and Rashawn Thomas, but veterans Isiah Canaan, Josh Huestis, Markele Brown and rookie Dakari Johnson are all on the block as well.

In all, over 100 players will be cut in the next few days and for many this will be the end of their NBA journey.