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There are very few things you can always bet will happen during college basketball. That an underdog will stun a powerhouse in the tourney; that student fans will take wins and losses harder than the athletes themselves; and that the game will be rocked by scandal every few years.

Once again, sadly, it's scandal time for college basketball and this one has already cost one of the greatest coaches in the game his career and likely a chance for the hall-of-fame, and it appears that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In a few short hours the FBI did something that the NCAA never could do in decades of existence, reign in all the rouge elements of college basketball.

The scandal is simple. Executives from the shoe company Adidas would pay NCAA assists and even some high school coaches and recruiters to direct players to schools of their choice.

So far several major powers such as Louisville and Arizona have had assistant coaches arrested. The scandal also caused Louisville to fire Rick Pitino. Pitino, who lead the Cardinals to multiple tournaments and the 2013 NCAA title, is no stranger to controversy but this one may be a scandal even he cannot escape.

It is really to early to see what repercussions this will have on college basketball as a whole, but Louisville's program will surely suffer. This is a program who has not yet gotten out of its prostitution ring scandal. The NCAA will likely come down hard on the Cardinals and may even go as far as shutting down their basketball program for a couple of years.

Other schools that will surely suffer are Arizona and Oklahoma State. Both schools the FBI has subpoenaed records from.

The NCAA has been oddly mum on the subject for now, but once the FBI and the Justice Department are done with their investigation, the NCAA will be surely smack down on any elements that made money outside of its heavy handed control.

As we are now just in the early stages of the investigation it is hard to tell what will happen to the game as a whole. sports betting lines college basketball will be more unpredictable this year than ever before. But as more and more comes to light we could be looking at one of the largest corruption scandals in American history, and one that sees many iconic coaches behind bars.