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Lakers Plans to Sign Paul George Marred with Investigations from the NBA

This summer could end up with one of the biggest controversies in the NBA after a Monday statement by the league articulated that the Lakes are under investigation for tampering with the trade of Paul George while still playing for Indiana Pacers. The statement pointed out that the infringement happened before George left tom join the Thunder. Indiana Pacers are the ones who have called for the intervention of the NBA, which could affect betting odds for the Lakers.

As soon as George hinted to the Pacers that in the subsequent season, he would not sign a new contact, the board seems to have heeded his warning and begun looking for a suitable replacement and trade partner. The Pacers are also certain that with the many potential replacements in the NBA, they can trade the all-Star forward as a one-year rental before completing his move to the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent.

As a long-term resident of South California, George has openly revealed his admiration for the Lakers in the past, along with some of the positive relationships he has made with the players he looks up to, including the retired legend Kobe Bryant Magic Johnson, the club’s President. With such signals capturing Johnson’s attention, the president has already showed his willingness to sign George, especially when he was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Even though it has been approximately four months since the interview took place, this is the first time the Pacers have showed their concerns regarding Georges’ off-season plans.

According to the NBA, the Indiana Pacers requested the league to investigate the LA Lakers for alleged tampering. Since the investigation started, the NBA has commended the Lakers for their cooperation even though no evidence has been reported so far. The league also told both teams that they should avoid making suggestive comments about the ongoing investigation before it is concluded. On June 18, the Pacers received news form George’s agent that the 27-year-old does not have plans of returning to the squad.

Consistent with the NBA constitution, any person contracted by the league who attempts to lure, coax or induce a coach, player, general manager into entering negotiation directly or indirectly must be investigated for violating the anti-tampering rule entice. If at any juncture Johnson or any employee of the LA Lakers tried to induce George to join another team at the expense of the Pacers, the investigations would reveal the culprit soon.

Some of the consequences for tampering take account of losing draft picks or disqualifying George from ever joining the Lakers. On the other hand, the culprit would face a prolonged suspension period, as his or her team pay fines amounting to a maximum of $5 million.

Evidently, the Pacers reacted negatively after the George’s decision tom leave the club. President Kevin Pritchard OF THE Lakers defended the club by expressing that George just had a total gut punch because they had discussed many things regarding the type of squad they need for next season. The bitterness showed by George before leaving the pacers was noticeable even though he claims to make his decision with positive feelings due to the love he has for the squad and the fans.