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NBA Champ Dikembe Mutombo Sustains Basketball Awareness in Africa

Spending his childhood in Congo, South Africa almost 40 years ago, Dikembe Mutombo never owned a fancy basketball to train with. Heck, he didnít have any ball to play at all.

Two Popular NBA Champs
The program for global development association had not been initiated back then, but somehow Mutombo managed to find a way to the game of basketball. And then one fine day, akin to Hakeem Olajuwon, he made his way to the Basket Hall of Fame. These two NBA champions became immensely popular in the U.S. but unfortunately could not revive the love of basketball in their own homeland. More than a few kids in South Africa do not know much about the game and targeted soccer or cricket more - here is when Dikenbe took matters in his own hands.

Source: NB TV, via Twitter

This is half the reason as to why basket without borders (BWB) was formed. Primarily to raise awareness for the game in global regions, BWB is paving the paths to success for many wannabe Mutombo's. The FIBA in conjunction with NBA plays a significant role in promoting BWB, funding it and supporting Africa as a big test. Africa is the eventual boundary for the National Basketball Academy; in context to its massive population, the quantity of players raised and brought up on this region is diminutive. Despite athletic aptitude being vast, there is a grave shortage of coaching and proper infrastructure. Ever since early 2001, basketball academics of summer managed by BWB assistants are working their way to a large number of inquisitive children.

BWB an Amiable Platform for Promoting Online Betting Basketball without Borders,or BWB, enables kids to learn the game of basketball across the planet.

The BWB group will conduct regular clinics this week for teens in Johannesburg as they arrive from all parts of Africa. They will be guiding them and offer a chance to undergo primary drills and receive tips from several NBA coaches and players, Nike is the official partner for providing outfits this year. The icing on the cake comes in the form of an exhibit game on Saturday with professional NBA competitors - this is the second time of its kind which is happening in Africa.

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Africa Also Wants a Piece from Betting Pie

Standing on the front line of the mission is a familiar face who is giving the finger wag to anyone who says the game isnít growing in Africa. Well, now thereís a line of players willing to sacrifice a week of their off-season to spend in Africa each year and especially to play in the Johannesburg exhibition, which began in 2015 and officials anticipate will be a once-every-other-year event.

Right in front of this movement is a familiar person who gives a mid finger salutation to those who say the game wonít flourish in Africa. Mutombo says: ďMany didnít believe us, or that this would happen, and I have to admit, this is amazing, to see how this has grown. When I first became part of the program, we couldnít get three NBA players to help out.Ē