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Last Tuesday's NBA league-shaking trade between the Cavs and Boston Celtic is definitely one of or perhaps the craziest deal in the history of the super league. The surreal switch of Irving from the Cavaliers to Celtic in exchange for Crowder, Thomas, and Zizic looks ridiculous as it sounds. And with Cleveland jumping around the streets over their newest player, the question that seems to be on everyone's mind is how Irving will fit with the Celtics.

Of course, we all know Irving is an all-star, and all-stars do play anywhere. But the thought of seeing our own big man playing for a conference rival team like Boston Celtic is definitely something none of us saw coming. As much as we hate to admit, the move is already a done deal and there's no stopping it now. Right now, we want to picture the Cleveland Cavaliers star playing in a Celtic jersey and see if he really fit into any puzzle in his new team.

The whole situation still looks like a dream; one that many of us (especially Cleveland's supporters) wouldn't like to wake up from. But facing reality, it looks like the conference rivals had it planned with Irving all along and we could say they've been doing a lot behind the scenes. No doubt, they've got the perfect blockbuster, but it still remains unclear how they will fit in together.

Was the move the right one for Irving?
Considering the facts on ground, it is possible that Irving's decision to join the Celtics may have sprung up from a "technical blow" at his former club and NBA betting odds for next season. To say that the big man wants to be more than an underling wouldn't be out of place. Of course, we are all aware of his subordinate role in LeBron's team which he's clearly not satisfied with as clearly seen in the recent move.

There is no doubt Irving will have a better chance of playing a more important role at Boston Celtic. With the likes of Horford and Hayward playing by his side, it looks like he's got nothing to worry about being a focal point in the team. Apart from being very influential, we all know that both NBA players are far from selfish whenever they are in action. Of course, this gives Irving an opportunity he has never had with Cleveland. But even more fascinating is how their skills and playing style seem to blend so well, at least on paper for now. So, on a deeper look, the switch may just be what Irving needs at the moment, although no one saw it coming, especially under the present condition.

With a record of the 5th highest assist (24.4%) last season, Al Horford doesn't look like someone who enjoys showing himself. Looking at his on-court skills, it is easy to see why he's a secret weapon to the team-one whose impact is mainly felt from the backstage. Comparing Horford's last season's feat of 24.4% with that of Irving's former teammate, Tristan Thompson, it's easy to see why the 27 year old is excited with the move.

Apart from the benefit of playing alongside Horford, Irving will also hope to capitalize on the Celtics’ new signing, Gordon Hayward. Though, Horford and Hayward play differently, their union will definitely be a huge plus for Irving. Hayward’s unique ability to see the floor from the wing and handle the ball when Irving is not with it will definitely make the Celtics’ offence to a terror for oppositions.

No doubt, Irving has always been an elite cutter despite his subordinate role at the Cavs. Apart from his individual play type, the 27 year old is also apt in spotting holes in the defense when he’s not with ball. This makes him as dangerous as he is when he with the ball. However, his combination with a perfectionist like Hayward is undoubtedly going to take his game to a whole new level. He will finally get to be “the man” of the team, a feat that seemingly impossible at his former despite his stellar individual performance. Let’s not forget Irving’s rare ability to guard players off screens, which certainly makes him a plus to the Celtics defense.

So far it looks like everything is working out for the 27 year old. He doesn’t have to live in the shadow of LeBron. Now, he finally has a chance to prove to the entire NBA universe that he can be highly effective outside the Cavs. After, he’s got everything required to make it happen. But it may not be simple as it sounds.

From all indication, it seems the value of Irving’s switch from the Cavs depends on his continued stay at the club after 2019. Because that is the only way he will get a chance of becoming one of top-five offensive players in the NBA. Or else, the whole trade would have been a great mistake for Danny Ainge and the Celtics. We just have to wait and see how things will work out.

Written by:
    Alex Norwood.