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Kobe Bryant made waves when he chose to hang his hat up after the 2015-2016 NBA season. Basketball players come and go every year. However, Kobe Bryant is no mere athlete. He is a legend, though, looking at online NBA sports betting odds at the time, it looks like some people might have predicted his departure.

Few outlets made mention of Tim Duncan at the time, Duncan having also chosen to leave the NBA after the 2015-2016 season. Popular as he might be, it was hardly surprising that Duncan went largely unnoticed, his star dimming in light of Kobe’s fame.

Vince Carter doesn’t have the record that Duncan has garnered over the years, let alone the star power of a legend like Kobe. None the less, he is one of basketball’s most impressive figures from his era.

That being said, Carter isn’t quite ready to go the way of Duncan and Kobe quite yet. Even with 18 seasons in the NBA under his belt, Carter is determined to keep pushing forward.

NBA fans will see Carter return for his 19th season. His contract with the Memphis Grizzlies still has a year left. By the time this season wraps, Carter will be 40-years-old, which says a lot about the breadth of his career.

Beyond that, Carter has promised to return for another season; and if he chooses to retire, his departure from the NBA won’t come until the summer of 2018. By then, he will have spent an impressive two decades in the NBA.

Carter cleared up all the doubts surrounding his basketball future during an interview he did on the sidelines of the Bethune Cookman-Alcorn State football game on the weekend.

Carter explained that he loves to play basketball and his passion for the NBA still burns hot. His body is still willing to deal with the stresses of the game, and only when he is no longer interesting in putting in the work will he finally step away from basketball. However, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

At the very least, Carter is certain that he will play his 20th year in the NBA; beyond that, there is no telling what might happen, Carter himself admitting that he was simply going to wait and see once he achieved his goals.

Carter has racked up quite the impressive record over the years. He currently sits comfortably at number 24 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. He still has ways to go (1,031 points) before he can become the 21st player to hit 25,000 points in a career.

If he wants to crack that particular target, though, Carter will have to deliver far more impressively than has been seen in the last few seasons. If he continues along his present trajectory (where he is contributing an average of 390 points a season), then he will fall short of the 25,000 points mark by the time his 20th year in the NBA rolls around.

However, even failing to achieve that goal, no one could possibly disparage the results he has achieved over the years and the work he has put into his career.