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Bad Biyombo: Suspension due to too many flagrant fouls

Bismack Biyombo, the Toronto Raptor’s star center player, has unfortunately found himself in some trouble this past week. He has been suspended from the opening game of th1 ’16-’17 season due to an accumulation of too many flagrant fouls throughout the Playoffs.

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The NBA has suspended Biyombo because he reached the four point flagrant foul limit in Game 6 of the Playoffs. This fourth foul happened when Biyombo elbowed Kevin Love in the face in the process of trying to get a rebound. At this point it is also unclear as to whether Bismack will join the Raptors again after his suspension. There are currently some rumors about him becoming a free agent of sorts. Despite his issues with the foul play, he would still remain an appealing choice for managers to scoop him up. At 23 years old, Bismack Biyombo stands at a staggering 6.9’. This athletic centre player who hails from the Congo has blocked an impressive 27 shots in the postseason alone. So if the Toronto Raptors do not keep him, he will surely find another team that will gladly offer him a spot on their team.

People are divided about whether or not Biyombo should have received the suspension. Some people feel that he should not have been suspended and are criticizing the fact that the play was not reviewed during the game; but rather a tape was later sent to the league office. And it was there, in New York, after the game that the decision his actions constituted a flagrant foul was made. Others feel that the call was rightly made and that while everyone understands that basketball can be a bit aggressive, Biyombo’s moves were outside the realm of accepted behavior and that as a result he must face sanctions to uphold the rules and regulations set out by the NBA. But for now we will have to wait and see what Bismack Biyombo’s future has in stall for him; whether he will stay with the Toronto Raptors or leave. And we also cannot help but wonder how the Raptors will fare in his absence.