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2015 NBA All-Star Game Starters

Toronto Raptors are solid on both sides of the ball, averaging 105.9 (points for) to 100.9 (points against) for a +5 differential. The Raptorsí point guard Kyle Lowry is potential starter for Eastern Conference team. Since joining Raptors franchise he steadily improved his game and became one of the cornerstones of the team which is now playing its best basketball in years. Currently he's regular starting point guard and is averaging more than 35 minutes per game with around 20 points per game and more than 7 assists. His presence on the court made Raptors dangerous both home and away. Kyle Lowry is also only second Raptor to be named Eastern Conference player of the month in history of the team. All that speaks volumes how valuable Lowry is and what impact he might have on the 2015 NBA All-Star Game.†

John Wall is another contender for starting lineup in position of point guard. Washington Wizards are currently placed second in the Eastern Conference which proves how well the team is playing under Wall's direction. After 43 games John Wall can say his contribution was immense. He played each game during this season achieving average of 17 points and 10 assists per game. Nobody these days argue that 1st overall pick of 2010 NBA draft isn't finely tuned player who is giving his best every single night. Wizards know that, fan know that and we're all looking forward seeing him play in the All-Star Game.†

What can be said about LeBron James? He's one of the biggest stars in the NBA and he is the player that attracts both spectators and advertisers. He's able to decide the game on his own. When he plays Cleveland Cavaliers are completely different team and he adds dimension they lacked in the past few years while he was "stationed" in Florida. During this season he's averaging 26 points per game, with reasonable amount of rebounds and assists. This will be his eleventh appearance in the NBA All-Star Game. Being 30, LeBron is in his prime and will surely aim for this third All-Star MVP award in Madison Square Garden.†

Spainard Pau Gasol is probably the best European center that ever played in the NBA. He joined Chicago Bulls last summer after spending six years in Los Angeles and where he won two rings. However it looks like he made good decision. Bulls are on top of the Central Division and fourth in the Eastern Conference. Despite being 34 no one can question his contribution to the team. He is averaging 18.7 points per game which is even slightly higher than his career average. And with 11.4 rebounds per game on average he's making impact in defense as well. This will be his fifth appearance in the All-Star game, his first in the Eastern Conference team and possibly first in which he'll be starter.†

Stephen Curry is the most important player for the Golden State Warriors, there's no doubt about it. Since being picked in 2009 draft he was groomed to become the leader of Oakland based team. Now in 2015 he's exactly that. Number of points, assists and steals per game is steadily going up. It's no wonder that after 40 games Warriors only lost 6 of them making them first in both Pacific Division and entire Western Division. He played all games this season, averaging 23.2 points and 8.1 assists. This will be his second All-Star game but at the moment we're quite confident he'll be starting point guard for the Western Conference. Even if he isn't, we are 100% sure he'll be integral part of the team and might be the person who'll make the difference on the court during the game.