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Looking Back At The No.1 NBA Draft Picks Of The Past Decade

The No.1 NBA Draft picks have always been a topic of heavy discussion, sometimes even criticism. In this article, weíll examine the first overall picks of the past decade, excluding the year 2013. Weíll see if theyíve lived up to the expectations the NBA world had for them, their course in the NBA and judge their overall performance.

2003: LeBron James
We start by no coincidence with LeBron James, back in 2003. LeBron entered the league with the highest expectations from the analysts. He was expected to be the next Michael Jordan. Almost ten seasons later, heís emerged as the best basketball player in the world currently active and one of the best to ever play the game. James has made his impact felt right from the first time he stepped foot in the NBA. He has won two NBA Championships with the Miami Heat up to now and he is projected to continue to perform even better.

2004: Dwight Howard
The year after LeBron entered the league, another dominant player stepped foot in the NBA. Howard has been the most devastating center since he entered the league. He is definitely a player that changes the course of a franchise. He hasnít found the correct team for him up to now, the one that will give him the chance to win a ring. However, he has all the time and the potential now with the Houston Rockets win it all.

2005: Andrew Bogut
Drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks, Bogut is certainly a solid center, but hasnít provided the expected dominant performances he was about to do. Heís battled through injuries for some stretches of his career. He clearly isnít the best No.1 Draft pick of this list.

2006: Andrea Bargnani
The Italian center came in the league with a unique combination of sharpshooting and a 7-foot body frame. However, he didnít find his way to perfection with the Toronto Raptors. Maybe because of the lack of quality teammates, partially due to his lack of effort, Bargnani is still expected to prove his value.

2007: Greg Oden
One of the most disappointing first overall picks, not due to his performances but because of his severe injuries was Greg Oden. He has appeared in just 82 games since he entered the league. There are lots of rumors during this 2013 summer free agency, talking about his comeback and a chance for him to resurrect his career.

2008: Derrick Rose
Rose came to the league to dominate. And he did. He instantly became the leader of the Chicago Bulls team and arguably the best point guard in the NBA. He is a supreme scorer and a great ball handler. He led the Bulls during their playoff runs, but they didnít manage to win a Championship, at least yet.

2009: Blake Griffin
Griffin missed his entire rookie season due to an injury. However, he made sure he showcased his abilities the season after. He instantly became a superstar, mainly thanks to his close-to-unreal athletic and leaping abilities.

2010: John Wall
Thereís no doubt that Wall is one of the premier point guards in the league. Nonetheless, playing in the toxic environment of the Washington Wizards hasnít really allowed him to show his potential. He is still young so he will definitely have the chance to continue to evolve as a player.

2011: Kyrie Irving
Eight years after picking LeBron, the Cavaliers selected Irving. The 6í3Ē point guard showed his value right from the gecko. He is a top-prospect point guard. Last season he got selected as an NBA All-Star for the first time. This next season, heíll get the chance to be a member of an even more competitive team, after the Cavsí recent acquisitions.

2012: Anthony Davis
Davis played his first season in the league with the New Orleans Hornets. He surely has the potential to grow as a dominant and versatile big man. During his first campaign as a professional athlete, he definitely showed signs of a top notch player.