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NBA offseason update; Dwight Howard’s decision

Though I can’t take credit for it, I saw an interesting statement the other day, which I have to share. “Dwight Howard’s Decision show will have 2 seasons and 24 episodes.” Can this statement be anymore true? We have been going through this for a whole calendar year now, and we will probably be going into it more as the summer progresses. Dwight Howard’s new team search via trade has been even worse than Lebron James’ Decision TV disaster. This has turned into a nightmare. Will the Lakers, Nets or Rockets land Howard sometime before the trade deadline next season? Will any of them improve their chances in the free NBA Picks?

This whole situation has proved to me that Howard does not care about basketball or winning. All he cares about is money. That’s why he ridiculously signed his player option for this next season. He got $19 million for doing it. Now he will be able to sign an extension worth over $100 million. He would have gotten less if he had become a free agent for this summer.

He has created a lose/lose scenario for the Magic and the team who trades him. First he said he wouldn’t sign an extension with anyone but the Nets. The Nets couldn’t trade for him because of multiple situations. Then the Lakers emerged, and there were reports that Howard would sign an extension with LA. Now the news out of Howard Camp 2012 is that he will test free agency no matter what. What a joke!

Will this nightmare ever end? Will NBA fans ever wake up from this? I have almost lost every last bit of respect I have for Dwight Howard. He is a 25 year-old child and I know 13 year-old kids with more maturity and common since than him. I hope he gets his money, and I hope he gets stuck in a bad situation. Howard’s actions during this saga have officially become worse than Lebron’s two summers ago.