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both players are hoping to get there name known in Detroit, who use to always beat there central division teams.Now can they continue the legacy of the last era?

Coming into the offseason, people had no idea what Joe Dumars and the Detroit Pistons were going to do. Where they going to trade up or trade out of the first round completely considering that this draft was filled with guards? Were they going to trade away there cap or sign a free agent or two? In the end we found out the direction Detroit was going along with a few surprises. Here is a list of all of the moves Detroit did this offseason:

-Trade Amir Johnson to the Bucks for Francrsio Oberto (who was waived)

-Detroit drafted Austin Daye at the 15th pick,Dajuan Summers at the 35th pick,Jonas Jerebko at the 39th pick and Chase Budinger at 44th

-Chase Budinger was traded for cash considerations and a future 2nd round pick.

-Pistons fire Micheal Curry

-Ben Gordon got signed for 55 million for 5 years and Charlie Villanuea got signed for 35 million for 5 years

-Pistons hire Joe Kuester as head coach

Projected Lineup as of now

C:Kwame Brown
PF:Charlie Villanueva/Jason Maxiell/Jonas Jerebko/
SF:Tayshaun Prince/Austin Daye/Dajuan Summers
SG:Ben Gordon/Rip Hamilton/Aaron Affalo/
PG:Rodney Stuckey/Will Bynum

IR:Deron Washington (might sign after summer league),Walter Sharpe

Looking at the moves and line up, Joe has just been trying to get the best available player as shown in the draft as well as free agency. The question is, where will Tayshaun and Rip play next season? They haven't came much in many trade rumors, but I would guess they might work out a trade once when everyone knows where there going (free agency wise). So sometime in late July, early August. Obviously Detroit would have to trade for a big man, but the only two big men that are on the trading block are Chris Bosh (who Detroit can't get) and Carlos Boozer (who seems to be picking up a lot of interest). There have also been rumors of Affalo and Sharpe leaving to clear cap for a starting center.

Now with this line up where is Detroit headed? Well for one Detroit has trading options in Rip and Tayshaun, a young developing point guard in Stuckey, a good shooter who has earned the name mr.4th quarter in Ben Gordon and a developing PF with experience in Villanueva. Detroit still has alot of options whether they trade to sign a big man or trade for a big man that could be a starting center for 2 or 3 years in Detroit. Unlike last year, this teams ego has faded when AI left. Detroit actually got some good character players. Charlie Villanueva is known as "the twitter king" and Ben Gordon is pretty modest and doesn't care where he plays as long as he contributes.

Kuester will be the sixth coach of this decade, but Joe promises that Jon Kuester has the most secure job in the NBA as long as he can turn the team around.

Form what I have heard about Jon Kuester, on paper he seems like a good coach. Jon, as most people know now, was an assistant for the Pistons back in the good years of 2004 when Detroit won the championship. He has been around since the 90's and has played with some great head coaches, which ended with Mike Brown and the cavs. Now Kuester is taking over a struggling team and will attempt to get them back on track. If what Joe says is true, this guy could be the Pistons coach for the next 6 or 7 years. But then again, Jon is the 6th new coach in the decade.

Right now I can see Detroit making the playoffs, maybe semi finals if Detroit doesn't play the Cavs or Celtics (still confident they could beat Orlando in a 7 game series). For the future however, I think it depends on how well Gordon and Villanueva play, also they could take advantage on 2010 trades, chances are, teams would be looking for team with salary. If Detroit has a few mil in cap, they could make a trade and screw up the teams talent. Otherwise,assuming Detroit drafts 1 first and 1 second round pick every year. This team could be pretty scary in about 2012-2013, if one of these guys take charge and start turning into a franchise player, then that could be sooner.

in my mind this team is a 44-46 win team next season, if Detroit can prove they are improving, then they will be noticed again. And now with this young team, Joe has some options on where to go. Question now is, which option will he take advantage of?

Written by:
By #1 Pistons fan