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Yes the era is over,Chauncey is gone a few player declined and Detroit is in a big mess. But things can start back up again and that's what most piston fans, hope this can help Detroit get back to the top.

A Leader:Yes Stuckey is a great player, But he is still young and learning the league, Detroit needs a leader who can guide this team to the top of the league. Someone who is experienced and has a good NBA reputation, also a ring wouldn't hurt as well. Obviously Detroit can't draft a guy like that.

A young Center:Does anyone know our future center? Jason Maxiell? Detroit needs someone young to be our center for the next couple of years. I think Detroit needs someone who can score inside and do it well. BJ Mullins comes to mind but he is a bit of a reach, and I don't think Joe is ready to draft a 19 year old no matter how good he is. This is one of the many reasons why I feel Joe will trade the pick.

Defenders:Some might be thinking, "how could Detroit be one of the top defensive teams for years, and then need defense right when they rebuild?" Well Detroit's defense has really declined,which was probably the result of trading Chauncey. I do like how Affalo is developing as a defender,But there is still a need for a few starters and bench defenders.

a back up Small Forward:Detroit has needed this since Tayshuan's 2nd year.I don't think Prince will be taking as much minutes as he is now next year, and Detroit either needs to move him or get someone to back him up.

a good ball handling point guard: Stuckey needs to be moved to shooting guard. He would be a better player there and could just get the ball and score.Also if Detroit had a good passer, they could set up Stuckey as well as other players. Doesn't have to be a Steve Nash or Jason Kidd like but, it would be nice.

Not needed:

another 6'6-6'8 big man: Detroit has Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson for that, if Detroit decides to draft a big man (preferably in the 2nd round) it has to be a 6'10 to a 7 footer(which they could move to center at anytime).But that's the only position I would think needs some size.

shooting guards:Detroit has all they need there, scoring,passing,defending the whole package is there. There is no need to draft a good shooting guard and lower Rip's/Affalo's minutes. I doubt Joe will because, he did sign extensions with both players for a reason.

Ego's:Interesting to see this in a draft report but, that's what killed Detroit last season. Everyone wanted minutes and there wasn't enough minutes to hand out. If detroit got a player that would shut up and listen to the coach then it might spread, and then everyone else is doing it. But, I think alot of ego's are leaving this season.

Some players I could see the pistons taking

possible picks
BJ Mullins: Like I said Joe probably isn't going to draft a 19 year old, but Detroit needs a long term center. I think he could be a future 3rd option (considering the FA season this season). And we wouldn't miss Wallace all that much. Although it probably isn't smart bringing a ohio state player to Michigan.

Omri Casspi:Form what I have heard he a pretty good defender, Detroit could defiantly have him back up Prince. But the last time Detroit draft a international player in the top 15 pick, he was a complete bust. Still though Casspi could be worth the risk.

As you can see there aren't many options for the pistons in the draft. I don't see anyone that could match the pistons, which is why they need to trade it for a big name player or something. I don't think Detroit wants to reach either.

All the moves done by the pistons will be in FA and through trades. Also they have cap space which could easily move the pick. It could be like the Jason Richardson trade a few years ago or the Marcus Camby deal last year (they got a 2nd instead of the third).So they don't have to sign Boozer or draft.

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