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Dallas- Their free agents are Jamaal Magloire, Malik Allen, Devean George, Juwon Howard and Tyronn Lue. Re-signing Diop was big and if Gerald Green finally plays up to his potential, Dallas looks strong again. All they could use is a true SG but they have many options their if they dont get one. Some FA's they could use-(re-sign Devean George, Yakouba Diawara, Shannon Brown, Jeremy Richardson, Linton Johnson, Ron Dupree, Mo Evans or look overseas at Bracey Wright, Taquan Dean and Keith Langford).

Houston- Their FA's are Dikembe Mutombo and Carl Landry. If they re-sign both their FA's and both their draft picks, Houston is solid. The one and only thing they need is for McGrady and Ming to stop getting injured and miss huge chunks of the season if not all of it.

Memphis- Their FA's are Kwame Brown, Andre Brown and Casey Jacobsen. Okay, to make this easier on me and everyone else, I'll do what they don't need first and that is guards. They have six of them and are all very young. On a side note, I do not like OJ Mayo as a player, he reminds me of Harold Miner without the Jordan comparison. With their young team (aside from Jaric, Walker and Buckner if they stay) they need more of a veteran presence, for a change of pace off of the bench. Some FA's they could use-(Doleac, Ryan Bowen, Othella Harrington, Austin Croshere, Ira Newble, Jake Voskuhl, Michael Ruffin, Lorenzen Wright, Malik Allen, Juwon Howard, Pat Garrity, Scot Pollard, Theo Ratliff).

New Orleans- Their FA's are Ryan Bowen, Chris Andersen, Bonzi Wells, Jannero Pargo. I keep hearing everyone say that the Hornets need a SG, well they do, a back-up SG. I don't see a problem with Mo Pete their, the team is good enough so that he can just fit in. It was his first year with the team and he is playing out of position, what exactlly do they expect from this guy? They could also use a few more productive PF's and C's. Here is who they could consider-(Kurt Thomas, Malik Allen, Brian Skinner and Primoz Brezec).

San Antonio- Their FA's are Kurt Thomas, Damon Stoudamire, Robert Horry and Michael Finley. The Spurs should really look to get younger and with the recent aquisition of Roger Mason Jr., it looks like they are doing just that. With Kurt Thomas and Robert Horry verbally saying that they would like to return and with the way Ian Mahinmi played this year in the D-league, they keep their mixture of veterans and youth. If those three previously mentioned players are on the Spurs roster next year, I don't really see the Spurs needing anything else.

Denver- Their FA's are JR Smith, Anthony Carter, Diawara and Von Wafer. I really hope for the Nuggets sake that they don't re-sign JR Smith. With him, Iverson and Melo with their attitudes and shot selections are a big reason why Denver struggles to either make or win in the playoffs. Definitely though re-sign Anthony Carter and look for another shooter with a better attitude. As long as K-Mart and Nene stay healthy, their frontcourt looks fine. Some potential FA's they might consider-(Andre Owens, Chris Quinn, Mikael Gelabale, Mario West, Salim Stodamire, Delfino, Tony Allen, Daniel Gibson, Kareem Rush, Casey Jacobsen, Royal Ivey, Pargo, Anthony Johnson, Tyronn Lue, Mike Wilks, Michael Finley, Carlos Arroyo, Mo Evans, Eddie House, the D-leagues Luke Jackson or overseas at Keith Langford and Darius Washington).

Minnesota- Their FA's are Chris Richard, Michael Doleac, Ryan Gomes, Kirk Snyder, Craig Smith and Telfair. With the trades they just made with Memphis and Philly, all I can see this team needing is a back-up PG, preferably a veteran. Here are some PG's the Wolves could consider-(re-sign Telfair, Jason Williams, Damon Stoudamire, Darrell Armstrong, Anthony Johnson, Tyronn Lue, Anthony Carter, Kevin Ollie, Mike Wilks, Earl Boykins, Lindsey Hunter or look overseas at Will Bynum and Kirk Penney). Clippers- Their FA's are Shaun Livingston, Dan Dickau, Paul Davis, Quentin Ross, Smush Parker, Nick Fazekas and Marcus Williams. It is crucial that the Clips land a starting PF, they also need a quality SG and bench bigs. Rumor has it that the Clips are in trade talks with Bobcats for a sign and trade for Okafor, but could also sign Okafor and hope the Bobcats don't match and are also in trade talks with the Knicks for Zach Randolph. Some other FA's the Clips should consider-(Josh Smith, Ben Gordon, Monta Ellis, Ryan Gomes, Kirk Snyder, Craig Smith, Nenad Krstic, Iguodala, Bonzi Wells, Ricky Davis, JR Smith, Magloire and Prezec).

Lakers- Their FA's are Sasha Vujacic, DJ Mbenga and Ira Newble. If they choose to not re-sign Turiaf(offer sheet with the Warriors), they should look for a cheaper PF via free agency, they should also look to re-sign Vujacic. Since both of their C's(Bynum and Mihm) are coming off of season long injuries, they should look to obtain a quality C in free agency. Here are some FA's they should look at-(David Harrison, Ryan Gomes, Craig Smith, Chris Andersen, Kurt Thomas, Kwame Brown, Magloire, Malik Allen, Juwon Howard, Brian Skinner, Brezec or look in the D-league at Rod Benson, Courtney Sims or Jelani McCoy).

Phoenix- Their FA's are Sean Marks, Eric Piatkowski and Brian Skinner. Their two main areas of concern look to be back-up PF and SG/wing. I've heard rumors that they are going to buyout Giricek's contract because he has many lucrative offers awaiting him overseas. The Suns are looking so bad for a wing player that I heard their considering signing Darius Miles, now that's desperate. Some possible FA's they could use-(re-sign Skinner, David Harrison, Paul Davis, Andre Brown, Dorell Wright, Chris Richard, Ryan Gomes, Craig Smith, Kirk Snyder, Gelabale, Salim Stoudamire, Delfino, Carl Landry, Tony Allen, CJ Miles, Bonzi Wells, Chris Andersen, Derek Anderson, Kareem Rush, Flip Murray, Kwame Brown, Nachbar, Magloire, Malik Allen, Elson, Devean George, Devin Brown, Mo Evans, Eddie House, Juan Dixon, the D-leagues Luke Jackson and Dermarr Johnson or overseas at Keith Langford or Matt Freije).

Oklahoma City- Their FA' are Robert Swift, Mikael Gelabale and Francisco Elson. They had great drafts the last two years and have a good mix of vets and young players, more importantly they have two veteran PG's to help lead. The only negative thing I see, but will not last long is that Earl Watson just broke his thumb and might not be ready for the start of the season. Maybe they should look to consider signing an extra PG for the time being until Watson is ready.

Portland- They have no FA's. Well, this is easy, just like last years draft they made alot of trades and filled alot of their needs, plus they brought Rudy Fernandez over from overseas. Even is Oden struggles or cannot come right back, they are very deep and should not effect the team.

Utah- Their FA is CJ Miles. They should look to re-sign Miles, but it's not a necessity. They ahve 14 guys under contract and most important need all of their money for next year, for when Boozer, Deron, Milsap and Okur are potential FA's.

Sacramento- Their FA's are Anthony Johnson and Lorenzen Wright. Aside from having young and inexperienced players, who are not accustomed to winning and aside from being in the Western Conference(they would be a playoff team in the east), all this team could use is another PG, but it's not much of a big deal. As far as the Ron Artest rumors go, if they can Odom for him do it. Odom would be a much better teacher for their young talent than Artest would be.

Golden State- Their FA's are Kelenna Azuibuke(player option), Matt Barnes, Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Austin Croshere. Must re-sign Biedrins and Monta. They currently have Turiaf on an offer sheet and that will solidify their front line. They are also going to need another veteran body and a starting and backup PG. FYI, the Warriors are talking about putting Ellis at PG, that could not be more stupid. To me Ellis is the second coming of Iverson and we all know what happened to him once Philly "freed' him from PG, I really hope GS reconsiders this option. Some FA's they should consider signing-(David Harrison, Andre Brown, Telfair, Louis Williams, Dan Gibson, Delonte West, Kwame Brown, Royal Ivey, Pargo, Anthony Johnson, Francisco Elson, Magloire, Lue, Boykins, Arroyo, Dooling, Brezec, overseas at Darius Washington, Kirk Penney and Will Bynum or the D-league at Andre Barrett, Eddie Gill and Rod Benson).