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Second Round Playoff Predictions

Welcome to round two of the playoffs and surprisingly all my picks were correct but my series lengths were not, maybe this round I can redeem myself. So, here it goes.


Cleveland Cavaliers VS. Atlanta Hawks- We all witnessed the Cavs first round beat down of the Pistons and donít expect them to slow down any in round two, especially against the inexperienced Hawks. Cavs win in 5.

Boston Celtics VS. Orlando Magic- What is up with Boston and 7 game 1st round seriesí? Boston struggled with the front line of the Bulls so how do you think they will fair against Dwight Howard the man that was chiseled from stone? With KG not coming back all playoffs and the Magic are no where at the playing level of the Bulls this is all Orlando . Magic in 6.


Los Angeles Lakers VS. Houston Rockets- Congrats to the men of Houston for FINALLY!!! winning a first round playoff series in a very long while, but it will also be there downfall because they will celebrate this like they just won the NBA championship. Lakers in 5.

Denver Nuggets VS. Dallas Mavericks- This will be the best and most evenly matched series of the second round so sit back and enjoy it. Even though this series is impossible to pick a winner, if I had to pick one (which I do) Iíd have to give it to the team with the home court advantage. Nuggets in 7.

Written by:
Nick DeMarco