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Preseason power rankings

30) Oklahoma City Thunder- pre rank, 29. After a winless week (0-2) they move to last.

29) Sacramento Kings- pre rank, 18. Winless week (0-3), drop 11 spots. I was wrong with this pick.

28) Washington Wizards- pre rank, 16. Winless week (0-2). Look lost without Arenas leading the way.

27) LA Clippers- pre rank, 14. Winless week (0-3). Simple Baron got hurt.

26) San Antonio Spurs- pre rank, 4. Winless week (0-2). Tremendous surprise, there looking old.

25) Memphis Grizzlies- pre rank, 30. 1-2 week. Big upset of Orlando and hung with Houston, surprise team this year?

24) Golden State Warriors- pre rank, 23. 1-2 week. Needs a PG, severely. 23) Milwaukee Bucks- pre rank, 22. 1-2 week. Only beat the Thunder this week, ouch!

22) Miami Heat- pre rank, 21. 1-2 week. They look like the young team they are, Wade canít do it all.

21) Denver Nuggets- pre rank, 17. 1-2 week. Played well w/o Melo, should improve now that heís back.

20) Portland Trailblazers- pre rank, 12. 1-2 week. Looked and played better without Oden. OVERRATED! (Greg Oden I mean)

19) Philadelphia 76ers- pre rank, 11. 1-2 week. Only beat the Knicks and blew a huge lead against ATL.

18) Orlando Magic- pre rank, 9. 1-2 week. Lost to Memphis , nuff said.

17) Cleveland Cavaliers- pre rank, 7. 1-2 week. LeBron is relying too much on everyone else and the new players still need longer to get cohesion.

16) Charlotte Bobcats- pre rank, 28. 1-1 week. This rank right now is crap, next week reality will set in and they will drop.

15) Minnesota Timberwolves- pre rank, 27 1-1 week. Ugly unis, ugly floor, decent team.

14) New York Knicks- pre rank, 26 1-1 week. Looked good blowing out (then blowing it) Miami and got destroyed by the Sixers, thatís how the whole season will go.

13) Indiana Pacers- pre rank, 25. 1-1 week. Like the Bobcats will drop off, but very impressive win against Boston and handedly.

12) New Jersey Nets- pre rank, 24. 1-1 week. Hung in both of there games and pulled one out.

11) Dallas Mavericks- pre rank, 10. 1-1 week. Will be consistent this year.

10) Chicago Bulls- pre rank, 20. 2-1 week. Very impressive week and Rose looks like a super star.

9) Phoenix Suns- pre rank, 15. 2-1 week. They have surprised me thus far beating both SA and Portland .

8) Boston Celtics- pre rank, 3. 2-1 week. Lost to Indy, championship hang over? Or just lost because youíre not going to go 82-0?

7) Atlanta Hawks- pre rank, 19. Undefeated week (2-0). Looking good so far.

6) Utah Jazz- pre rank, 8. Undefeated week (2-0). Even without Deron, still continue to win.

5) Detroit Pistons- pre rank, 5. Undefeated week (2-0). Age? What age?

4) Toronto Raptors- pre rank, 13. Undefeated week (3-0). Bosh and OíNeal look like the terrific tandem everyone wants them to be and if this continues, look out!

3) Houston Rockets- pre rank, 6. Undefeated week (3-0). Get off to slow starts, then they dominate. Looking great early.

2) LA Lakers- pre rank, 2. Undefeated week (3-0). Looking dominant, how will anybody beat this team? The second the Hornets slip up they will be one and possibly stay there all there.

1) New Orleans Hornets- pre rank, 1. Undefeated week (3-0). Looked like the preseason #1, but unlike last year, is already sustaining injuries and will be tough to compete with them.

Written by:
Nick DeMarco