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Playoff time is here again, and here is my first round playoff predictions.

Boston Celtics vs. Atlanta Hawks

My prediction: Boston in 4

My reasoning: Boston was assembled for one reason and one reason only, to win! Atlanta has not been in postseason play since 1999 and aside from Bibby and Joe Johnson, lack the experience needed to compete with the hungry Celtics.

Detroit Pistons vs. Philadelphia 76ers

My prediction: Detroit in 5

My reasoning: Clock work, Detroit makes the playoffs every year and has been to two recent NBA Finals, winning one. The Sixers are definitely a surprise team seeing how this was supposed to be a rebuilding year and have certainly earned their way in, but this young team will not be able to hold off the Pistons in a seven game series and will be tremendously intimidated by Detroit. The Sixers only win a game because of the Andre’s and Mo Cheeks being a hell of a coach.

Orlando Magic vs. Toronto Raptors

My prediction: Orlando in 7

My reasoning: These teams are very evenly matched, the only reason I give the slight edge to Orlando is because they have the home court advantage.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Washington Wizards

My prediction: Washington in 7

My reasoning: Gilbert Arenas says it all “We are very familiar with this team, we have played them three straight years now in the playoffs. It’s very hard to beat a team three straight times….”. Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets

My prediction: Lakers in 5

My reasoning: Denver is inconsistent and plays no defense. LA is firing on all cylinders and Kobe will stop at nothing to make his team win.

New Orleans Hornets vs. Dallas Mavericks

My prediction: Dallas in 6 My reasoning: The Hornets tremendously needed the top spot in the west so that they would have home court advantage throughout. They didn’t get it, so now this young inexperienced Hornets team will be no match for the Mavs who have payback on their minds and want nothing more than to erase last year’s playoff collapse. On a side note how evil was it of Jason Kidd notching his 100th career triple double in the last game of the year against the Hornets and sending the “I’m ready” message to the Hornets and all their fans.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns

My prediction: Spurs in 7

My reasoning: I’m not going to lie, I have no clue who is going to win this series. I picked San Antonio because their arguably one of the best teams ever assembled and the defending champs. If Phoenix couldn’t beat the Spurs in previous years with an MVP Steve Nash and his favorite running buddy Shawn Marion, I don’t see it happening with a slower Shaquille O’Neal and now having to play at the Spurs pace.

Utah Jazz vs. Houston Rockets

My prediction: Rockets in 7

My reasoning: HOORAY!!! Tracy McGrady finally wins his first playoff series, but he near kills himself in the process. Houston finally has the bench and the coach to help the Rockets get over the proverbial hump even without Yao Ming. I like Utah a lot but they ended the regular season on a losing, blow out game ultimately saying we want Houston. Karma is a terrible thing.

Written by
Nick Demarco