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The odd man out

    Is it me, or is the Western Conference playoffs harder to get into then an ivy league college? With a week and a half remaining in the regular season the Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors are all tied and all vying for the last two spots in the West playoffs, so who gets in?

All three teams have six games left and the Nuggets and Warriors still meet one more time, so these three teams might need more than the regular season to settle this.

I will now break down each team and tell you my guess on who of the three get in.

Golden State- Their six games left are against New Orleans (and while writing this article, they already lost to), Sacramento, Denver, Clippers, Phoenix and Seattle. Head to head against the other two teams they didnít fair to well, losing the season series to Dallas 3-1 and down in the series with the Nuggets 2-1 with a game left, but thatís not the only negative for the Warriors.

Their starters play a ton of minutes with Nelson refusing to play his bench and their lack of a bench, with their style of play they have to be worn down by now, also last year they were so poised to make the playoffs for the first time since Nellie was their the first time, so they went off that and lastly, there in the west (refer back to my first sentence).

The case for the Warriors to get in is, Don Nelson, a great coach, he led them there last year with the same style and pretty much the same players. Baron Davis, healthy for the first time since his rookie season and looking for redemption after his all-star snub and last year, if itís a negative then itís a positive also because they want to show everybody that last year was no fluke and would love to upset the one seed again.

Dallas- Their six games left are against Phoenix, Seattle, Utah, Portland, Seattle and New Orleans. Head to head against the other two teams, they are 3-1 against Golden State and 1-2 against Denver. Some other negatives are their remaining schedule because, I feel out of the other two they have the hardest. the Kidd trade because since that trade they have only beaten one winning team and of course there in the west.

Some positives are experience; they are very familiar with the playoffs and making the playoffs. Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd, they have two future HOFers and MVP candidates who want to win at all costs, that will give them the edge over most teams, their very deep bench and lastly their pride. They were the best team in the west last year with the best record in the NBA, but they lost in the first round to an eight seed and was devastated, they need to make the playoffs this year to rekindle their spirits.

Denver- Their six games left are against Seattle, Clippers, Golden State, Utah, Houston and Memphis. Head to head against the other two teams they faired really well taking 2 out of 3 from Dallas and up 2-1 on Golden State with a game left and that is the only positive that I see for Denver.

As far as negatives go, they donít play any defense therefore letting teams get into a good shooting rhythm. they're inconsistent, meaning that they play well against top teams and based on their head to head against Dallas and Golden State and their most recent loss to a shorthanded Kings team at home, you can see why and lastly, there in the west.

As far as my pick goes for who will not make the playoffs. well, here it is. The Mavs will get in and be 7th seed and as far as the 8th seed goes, watch the April 10th Warriors/Nuggets game on TNT to find out. Whoever wins will get the eight spot. There you have it, there is my picks now voice yours, on the top of this webpage there is a question of who will get eight seed? Vote as many times as you like and watch Thursday to see if I am right.

Written by
Nick DeMarco