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#1. Los Angeles Lakers. Alltime Record: 2848-1799 (61.3%). NBA Titles: 14, Conference Titles: 28, Division Titles: 27, Playoff Appearances:54.
Yes, the winningest team in NBA history. The Lakers reach the NBA Finals about as often as we elect our presidents. The Lakers hold a tradition unmatched by any other NBA organization (except for those bastard Celtics). Consistancy is the key here. The Lakers are one of the most consistantly successful teams in all of professional sports, as well as being "America's Team" having fans in every city and every arena, yes, even Boston. Main Rivals: Boston. Other Rivals: New York, Detroit, San Antonio, Portland

#2.Boston Celtics. Alltime Record: 2794-1963 (58.7%). NBA Titles: 16, Conference Titles: 20, Division Titles: 25, Playoff Appearances: 45.
If this were the 1980's, the Celtics would be the clear #1. But the whole sucking ass for 20 years kinda screwed that up. The C's are kinda like my avatar: Dominant in the 1960's, great in the 70's, still great in the 80's and then dead by the early 90's. My, what could have been. That said, 16 titles is still no joke. Most younger fans today don't know much about the great Celtic dynasty from 1959-1976. That's too bad. A lot of history is found on that old-ass disgusting looking parquet floor. Not to mention the genius and innovations of Red Aurbach. I still miss those old "Red on Roundball" commercials. Or, whatever they were called. Main Rivals: Lakers, Philadelphia. Other Rivals: New York, Detroit.

#3. San Antonio Spurs. Alltime Record: 1871-1383 (57.5%). NBA Titles: 4, Conference Titles: 4, Division Titles: 15, Playoff Appearances: 35.
They may pale in comparison to LA and Boston but then again, who doesn't? In fact, the Spurs could be considered "the best of the rest". This isn't just about the teams recent success, this is about their overall consistancy since their inception. You do realize that the Spurs have missed the playoffs fewer than any team in NBA history right? From their high-flying days of the late 70's and early 80's to their current wannabe-dynasty of today. The Spurs have been winning since day one. Main Rivals:Houston, Lakers, Dallas Other Rivals: Utah, Portland #4. Chicago Bulls. Alltime Record: 1703-1626 (51.2%). NBA Titles: 6, Conference Titles: 6, Division Titles: 7, Playoff Appearances: 27.
They may have only been great in the 90's (mid 70's notwithstanding), but those teams were DOMINANT. Led by Michael Jordan, Pip, coach Jackson and his amazing staff, the Bulls reeled off 6 championships in 8 fucking years. This franchise may only be known for that run in the 90's but, how many other teams have dominated a decade like that? Main Rivals: Indiana, Detroit, New York Other Rivals:Lakers(1970's), Cleveland

#5. Philadelphia 76ers. Alltime Record: 2461-2121 (53.7%). NBA Titles: 3, Conference Titles:8, Division Titles: 12, Playoff Appearances: 43.
They may be bad now, but in their day, the 76ers were one of the NBA's elite. They still hold an impressive record. Perhaps, Philly's heyday was during the mid 1960's, unfortunately, so was Boston's. Still, the 76ers had some legendary players and some legendary teams. Their 1967 squad is, in my opinion, the greatest NBA team ever. Their last title was a 4 game sweep of the Lakers in 1983. They went 12-1 in that years playoffs. Their last Finals was in 2001 when Iverson, Moutombo, and um, a bunch of other injured guys put up a fiesty effort against what many consider to be the greatest playoff team of alltime. These days, the 76ers aren't that good. Hopefully, that can change. Main Rivals:Boston. Other Rivals: Lakers, New York, Detroit, Indiana #6. Detroit Pistons. Alltime Record: 2302-2344 (49.5%). NBA Titles: 3, Conference Titles: 7, Division Titles: 11, Playoff Appearances: 37.
Chauncey Billups once said that playing in the Finals in Detroit was the status quo. I wouldn't go that far, but the Pistons organization is still one to be proud of. Many fans do not remember their days as the Fort Wayne Pistons, they were pretty good back then you know. The team has had it's share of hard times and is the highest team on my list with a losing record alltime. But, the team has still had enough success to be considered great in any circle. This recent team may even be considered by some as the best in the Franchises history. Main Rivals: Boston, New York, Indiana, Chicago. Other Rivals: Lakers, Cleveland, Philadelphia

#7. New York Knickerbockers. Alltime Record: 2399-2354 (50.5%). NBA Titles: 2, Conference Titles: 8, Division Titles: 8, Playoff Appearances: 38.
Remember, history plays a part in this list. The Knicks, being one of the leagues original teams, were a good team in the early days of the NBA. The didn't win their first title until 1970. But had already had experience in playing in the Finals. Their peak in play was probably the early 70's where they were one of the dominant defensive teams around. It's sad to see that they have become a joke in recent years, and it's even worse for their fans. After all, the Knicks have the best fans in the NBA. Main Rivals: Lakers, Chicago, Miami. Other Rivals: Indiana, Detroit, Baltimore(1970's)

#8. Utah Jazz. Alltime Record: 1439-1235 (53.8%). NBA Titles: 0, Conference Titles: 2, Division Titles: 8, Playoff Appearances: 21. The Jazz are like the Spurs, minus the championships. They are one of the most consistant teams in the NBA, and that may have something to do with coach Sloan. Despite not having any titles, the Delta Center (or whatever the that place is called these days) is still one of the most difficult places to play. A staple in the NBA playoffs, the Jazz manage to compete at a high level no matter who's on the team. Main Rivals: Houston, San Antonio, Portland. Other Rivals: Lakers, Seattle, Chicago(maybe).

#9. Portland Trailblazers. Alltime Record: 1588-1414 (52.9%). NBA Titles: 1, Conference Titles: 3, Division Titles: 4, Playoff Appearances: 26.
Until recently, the NBA draft lottery was a place the Trailblazers would never have been seen. This organization is one of the league's best, right in the same class as Utah in my opinion. They won their only championship in 1977 with the help of Bill Walton, Lionel Hollins, Maurice Lucas and Bob Gross over the supremely talented Philadelphia 76ers. The Blazers weren't in the playoffs the previous year. From the 80's untill the early 2000's, things went pretty well for the Blazers. As it stands, the team is in need of repair. Main Rivals: Lakers, Seattle, Utah. Other Rivals: Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston

#10. Milwaukee Bucks. Alltime Record: 1684-1482 (53.2%). NBA Titles: 1, Conference Titles: 2, Division Titles: 13, Playoff Appearances: 25.
I'm pretty burnt out on writing summaries but, let's just say, the Bucks used to be very good. In the early 70's, they had 5 straight 50 win seasons which included 3 straight 60 win seasons. In 1972 Sports Illustrated called them the greatest team of the last 50 years or something like that. They were pretty damn good needless to say, not to mention their Central Division dominance with 13 first place finishes. Their 1971 team finished 66-16 and was one of the greatest to ever play, as well as their 1972 team (63-19). Main Rivals: Lakers(dormant). Other Rivals: Boston, Detroit

Written by:
Michael Bryant