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On Boston's performance this year:
Very impressive. The thing that I like most about the team's performances as of late, are that although we may not have dominated every game, we have pulled out more "W's" than losses. I have always thought that one sign of a great team, is one that can pull out victories, even when the game is not easy, pretty, or simple. Or even when you are not playing partically your best basketball. Recently, Ray Allen has fallen off the pace with the other 2 big names, and although he is still playing his part, he has taken his game down just a notch.

However, even if all 3 of the big ones were to go down for some reason, I think it is a measure of how great the team has been performing this year that the bench would be able to put out a great account of them. And lastly on Boston, I am extremely proud and happy with how KP has been playing, he has been playing great as of late, putting up solid numbers and rebounding the ball, so I am very happy at his improvement, as I am Rajon Rondo's.

On Houston's record breaking streak:
Yes, its very disappointing that it has come to an end, but is that all it is? "At and End", I dont think so. I mean, for instance, the Houston Rockets were a team looking down the barrell of a disastrous twist as the season would be concluding. What with the loss of T-Mac, and now the loss of Yao. Hmm. The "Loss" of T-Mac and the "Loss" of Yao? If you dip into your memory banks, you should remember that when McGrady was sidelined, they won 7 out of 8 games. And now with Yao restricted to wearing a suit and tie on game day, rather than his jersey and chinese shoes, they moved their win streak from 16 to 22 games.

Now I dont care who you are, or who your players are, thats damn good. This streak has also given a little bit of life back into the game, since it begin, serveral teams have looked at the rockets and said, "hey, if they can do it without a star in Yao, hell, we can do it to!". And since this, teams including the 76ers, the Suns, and the Hawks have had good spells of their own. So this streak has been a great part of history, and a great part of the story for the game itself this year.

On the playoff picture as it stands at both ends of the spectrum:
Well, what can I say? Well forget that what would you say? Your sitting here reading this article, (thanks by the way..), and your thinking, "I hope he says something interesting about this". Well, I want you to try something: take your mouse, move the cursor, and take yourself to the Nba.com website, and go to the Nba league stadings. By all means, take your time, get a good look at the standings because yes, they are true. They ARE that close. Now, I dnt know about you, but "interesting" is acheived by simply reading those stat sheets. For me, I think that this year is serving up one hell of a playoff picture.

For starters, lets look at the east. Known as the "Inferior" Conference, it boasts the leagues top two teams, and also boasts a very tight race for the teams spanning over from 5th place to 11th place. Now, some say, "arr shucks, well, err, well the Keeelticks and the pssssssssss-tons 'aint that guurrrddd, thaaay play in a worser connnnnf'rence" (I apoligize for the lack luster effort in making a country-boy accent, but oh well, ), anyways, some are saying that. Well, at the end of the day, both the pistons and the celtics hold very impressive records against western conference teams this season, and they are deservel the top teams in the league.

And as for the race for playoff positions, well, its very tight. And is very intruiging, many teams are still able to make the last spots availible, and a run either way could swing a teams life in this years playoffs.

As for the west, well, I wont you for a second time to take a good hard, you hard me, "hard", look at the western conference standings, like I said, interesting ay? Thats right, the west is so tight with so many superpowers involved, all vying for the right at a playoff run. But, for me, the most intriuging part of this battle, is for the last spot.

In my opinion, the top six, maybe even seven teams are set, its just a case of where they finish in the stack. But the 8th spot thats a problem. All year long, the Nuggets have been pushing, hitting several franchise records in the process, and they still have a team in their way for their push to the playofffs, and for once, its not the Jazz. The Warriors had an indifferent start to the year, but have bounced back after S-Jax made his return and they look like very strong candidates for the 8th spot. So this should be a very interesting watch, but for me, until the Nuggets aguire another vet who can play solid D on every possesion down the stretch, cant see them going very far at all.

On the league season as a whole to this point:
I dont plan to say alot here, only that I think that this season has been one of the better years for a long while.
I mean, think about, - no go on, your allowed, take a second to think it over. ....

Finshed? What did you come up with? I know what I come up with, I thought that I couldnt think of any situations this year that have made the league stand out for the wrong reasons. I dont think anyone could disagree that this year has brought a great vibe about the place, and that as said before, many people have felt the need to help out the less fortunate, and less able. So I am very happy with how this year has gone to this point.

Thanks for reading, I hope its been a good read, and I hope you have enjoyed my return to writing these,