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With less than two months before the start of NBA training camp, most free agents have been snapped up, either by their old teams, or by another teaming looking to get better. This years crop of free agents wasnít as deep as in years past, but there were still some major names to be had, such as the Bulls grabbing defensive minded Ben Wallace away from the Pistons.

Now weíre entering the middle of August, a month notoriously slow for NBA deals and transactions, but curiously there is still a hand full of solid players still available. With the exception of the Nene deal in Denver, not many teams have grossly overpaid for the average free agents. This has caused the value for a lot of players to drop dramatically, which could greatly benefit teams near or above the NBA salary cap.

With players value at a low, we as NBA fans could be seeing some interesting things happening in the next month and a half. Teams that seemed to be out of the free agent hunt before it started very possibly could get involved in trying to land a decent free agent for very little. Take the NBA champions Miami Heat, a team which didnít figure to play at all in the free agent market, but now with players values dropping, the team has been in the hunt for point guard Eddie House. If teams were grossly overpaying players, such was the case two summers ago when Kenyon Martin, Carlos Boozer, Mehmet Okur and other got huge deals, the Heat wouldnít stand a chance at landing House; now the Heat seem to be the front runner in the Eddie House hunt.

Eddie House isnít the only free agent who could be had for very cheap. There is about 25 solid players still available, and for pretty cheap. Here is a list of the guys who are remaining:

Matt Barnes: Now when you think of adding a free agent, Barnes probably isnít the first guy that comes to mind, but Barnes is a good slasher and decent shooter. He could be had for very cheap to any team willing to give him a shot.

Calbert Cheany: Heís been a solid contributor to every team he has played for, though he hardly gets credit for it. Cheany would fit great with a team like Dallas or San Antonio, if they had space. His age is a concern to some teams, but heíd fit great on any playoff contender as a solid bench player.

Eddie Gill: Gill is a speedy point guard who hasnít gotten much time in the NBA. If given a chance he has shown he produce nicely. Heíd fit best with a team that already has two point guards but is looking for a third.

Jim Jackson: the Jim Jackson experiment is over in Lakerland, but a lot of other teams could use a three-point specialist. Itís unlikely that any of the title contenders would be interested, but a team who is loaded with big men may be interested in him.

Toni Kukoc: Kukoc is three point specialist with NBA championship experience, itís a wonder that more teams arenít interested. He would be able to crack the rotation of almost any team in the league with his solid shooting.

Keith Van Horn: Dallas has one roster spot left, but hardly any cap room to re-sign the nine-year pro. Van Horn could provide depth and a long range shooter for a title contender, and with his injury history the likelihood of him signing cheaply is very high.

Bonzi Wells: heís been a hot topic for teams discussing adding an impact ful player, but no one really seems that interested. Wells comes with baggage which may be scaring teams away, but if he doesnít find a suitor soon, he could be had for very cheap.

David Wesley: Another three point specialist with loads of experience. No one has been interested in him this season, but if someone were to look to add him, he could be signed for the veterans minimum and add a solid bench player to any team.

Top 25 Free agents.

1  Bonzi Wells
2  Keith Van Horn
3  Al Harrington
4  Toni Kukoc
5  Eddie House
6  Alonzo Mourning
7  Gary Payton
8  Calbery Cheany
9  Reggie Evans
10 Lorenzen Wright
11 Melvin Ely
12 Jumaine Jones
13 Matt Barnes
14 David Wesley
15 Scott Pollard
16 Michael Olowokandi
17 Shandon Anderson
18 Moochie Norris
19 Demar Johnson
20 Richie Frahm
21 Jim Jackson
22 Eddie Gill
23 Erving Johnson
24 Walter McCardy
25 Lonny Baxter
26 Milt Palacio
27 Rick Brunson
28 Will Bynum
29 Anthony Carter
30 Robert Whaley

Written By:
Bran C Faurschou