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Tinsel Town Change

Since moving to San Diego in 1979 the Clippers have become the perennial whipping boys of the NBA.. Since that time the Clippers have made the playoffs only three times, in fact the Clippers have had more top 3 picks then playoff appearances since then. But could things be on the change for the Clippers?

In last years draft the Clippers selected high schooler Shaun Livingston with the fourth pick. The team has also been steadily trying to change its reputation since being called the worst franchise in sports in a 2000 issue of Sports Illustrated. Owner Donald Sterling spent a lot of money to keep Elton Brand and Corey Maggetti clippers. This being an oddity since Sterling has the reputation as being the leagues cheapest owner.

The Clippers also made a good trade for once this year, when they traded disgruntled and sometimes inconsistent point guard Marko Jaric to Minnesota for Sam Cassell. Cassell will give the clippers a veteran to back up Livingston, and a pass first point guard to get Elton Brand the Ball. Another player the Clippers brought in was un-drafted rookie James Singleton. Singleton who many considered not ready for the NBA has made a slash thus far for the Clippers, as he has worked his way into the teams starting line-up.

The Clippers who have had point guard troubles since losing Andre Miller have brought in two veterans, Cassell, and Anthony Goldwire, as well as rookie Daniel Ewing to help out starter Shaun Livingston. Another spot the Clippers needed improving on from last year was the small forward spot, especially after losing Bobby Simmons to the Bucks. The Clippers brought in swing man Cuttino Mobley from Sacramento, and rookies Singleton, and their first round pick Yaraslov Korolev, this goes along with Quintin Ross, and Corey Maggetti who can also play the small forward spot.

Currently the Clippers are in first place in the pacific, and in a six way tie for first place in the west. This is the first time ever the team has been in first place after 2 games. So could things be changing in LA? Well by the looks of it I would say, yes they are. The Clippers could soon overtake the Lakers are the basketball team of the tinsel town

Written By:
Michelle Trachtenberg