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1) LaRue Martin-was the number 1 overall draft pick by the blazers in 1972. Only last 4 nba seasons and averaged around 5 points per game

2)Chris Washburn-taken third overall by the warriors in 1986.he never amounted to anything in the nba.only lasted 3 seasons and had a bad drug addiction

3)Kent Benson – 1st Overall Selection by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1977. his numbers are slightly lower than olowokandis but his defense was never as good as olowokandis.< not that he has too much but hes a good shot blocker

4) Dennis Hopson– 3rd Overall Selection by the New Jersey Nets in 1987. he was a popular ohio state Buckeye. he was picked 3rd in a fairly deep nba draft and he only lasted 5 seasons all of which he spent on the bench

5)Ed O’Bannon-after winning the wooden player of the year award and a national championship he was drafted 9th overall by the New Jersey Nets in 1995. he only lasted 2 seasons.then he had a string of injuries which prevented him to play in the nba.so he had to retire

6)Sam Bowie-drafted 2nd overall in the 1984 draft by the blazers.it seems he will only be remembered for being selected in from of michael jordan. injuries forced him into an early retirement

7)Michael Olowokandi-drafted 1st overall by the LA clippers in the 1998 draft.never has lived up to his potential that he showed in college

8)Rick Robey–3rd Overall Selection by the Indiana Pacers in 1978. it was surprising to see him go number three when he didnt even average over 15 points per game in college as a senior those are low numbers to be a top 5 pick.he was traded halfway through his first nba season

9)Danny Ferry-drafted second overall in the 1988 draft by the LA clippers.he had a great senior season at duke but never even came close to those numbers in the nba.he was a huge bust at the 2 spot.he only averages 7 points per game over his career

10)Steve Stipanovich-Drafted 2nd in the 1983 nba draft . he put up medicore numbers for a little bit but a knee injury shortened his nba career to 5 years.his numbers were never god enough for a number 2 selection

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