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Well the Rumor mill is ablaze again involving the Miami Heat, this time it seems to involve disgrunteled Eagles wide reciver Terrell Owens; yes the NFL one. Since being placed on indeterminalbe suspension a few weeks ago Owens has been looking for something else to do, he patitioned the NFL Players union to try and convince the Eagles to release him, and since that is unlikly, he is now trying to make the NBA.

This isn't the first time Owens has tried to make it in the NBA, this summer he wanted to play for the Sacramento Kings in the Las Vegas Summer league. the Eagles wouldn't allow him to do this, but now with him possibly being out of the NFL for the rest of the season, his prospects for joining the NBA seem to have improved.

This is the second time a NFL player has tried joining the Heat, a few years ago Kansas City Cheifs tight end Tony Gonzalas played for the Heat in the summer league, and was even invited into fall camp. but Gonzalas had gotten the deal he wanted from the cheifs so he declined the invitation.

The Miami Heat have had some Chemistry issues in this young season, so adding Owens may be adding fire to an already volitile situation. the Heat also have 15 players on their rosters, so to add Owens they would need to cut someone, something the Heat are unlikly to do. In my opinion this is just another ploy by the Owens camp to try and get the Eagles to release him or allow him to play again.

Written By:
Michelle Trachtenberg