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Do you ever turn on an Celtics game and long for the days of Larry Bird? I do, Iíve been a Celtics fan since the late 70s and I really miss the old days. I know a lot of fans will say that today is better then yesterday, but I disagree. In years past players played both great offensively, and defensively. Now players are so one dimensional it makes me sick. And back then each team had five starters who would start on almost any other team in the NBA. Today, some times are lucky if they have one player who is starting material. And I also long for the days when I could pronounce all 12 players names on a roster.

Im sick of seeing box-scores where a player goes 6-25, with 20 points, 2 rebounds and maybe an assist. Yes in the 80s you had players like that, but they where stuck on bad teams, and never were considered to be a star. Today this is quite common for a so called star. Allen Iverson, even for as much criticizes as he takes is one of the better rounded players in the NBA. He can play both offense, and defense. Him, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett are probably the only new generation players who do this. Even stars like Dirk Nowizki, Andrei Kirilenko, and Ben Wallace are one dimensional. Dirk cannot guard a closed door on most nights, and Kirilenko and Wallace are not very good offensively. And none of those players would be anything more then a 12th man in the 80s.

The Rosters today are shallow. Not many teams have a dominate sixth man like a Kevin McHale. And the only teams that do have a deep talented roster are the Dallas Mavericks, Portland Trailblazers, and New York Knicks. And all three of them are underachievers, and are closing in on over $100 million dollars in salary. And yet not one of them has advanced past the conference finals in recent years. Also Im seeing a lot of players stick around in the NBA, that are just no good. Tom Gugliotta, even tho he is a very talented player, should have been out of the NBA years ago. Heís injury prone, and really contributes nothing to his team. This is because the salary structure of the NBA, and the lack of talent out there.

The talent is so lacking in todayís game, that NBA teams are resorting to drafting Europeans, and High Schoolers over seasoned collegiate players. And thatís because kids today in Americans game donít care about fundamentals. The European game does teach fundamentals, but doesnít teach Defense. And yet American players canít seem to score on these laxidaisic defenses. High Schoolers are being drafted because coaches feel they can mold them into good players. And this has been working, players like Tracey McGrady, Kobe Bryant, and Jermaine OíNeal have shown. But these players lack the mental ability that comes with going to college. And this has been ever so present in the recent influx of high Schoolers where only LeBron James, and Amare Stoudamire look to be anything worth watching.

Article written by: Michelle Trachtenberg