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Atlanta Hawks: We Really are one of the 30 teams
Boston Celtics: 16 titles, not much else.
Charlotte Bobcats: Could we have a stupider logo and nickname?
Chicago Bulls: Suck, Suck, one good year, suck suck suck Michael Jordan, suck, suck Titles(X3) decent(X2), Titles(X3), suck suck suck.
Cleveland Cavs: You have Ocean front property in Arizona!! wow what a deal!
Dallas Mavericks: Dallas my be the Big D, but there is no D on this team.
Denver Nuggets: Who wants to be our next coach?
Detroit Pistons : The Original NBA thugs
Golden State Warriors: Playoff Free since 1994
Houston Rockets: We really do have a Chinese Center.
Indiana Pacers : Lay up + Hard Foul + Beer = Punching the fans.
Los Angeles Clippers: We'd lose to a JR high team if we played them.
Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe make basket, Kobe like white woman. Kobe go to jail.
Memphis Grizzlies: We don't suck any more.
Miami Heat: Shaq's Salery 22 Million Dollars, Dwayne Wades Salery 1.5 Million Dollars, Watching the Lakers cry because they didn't make the playoffs: Priceless.
Milwaukee Bucks: We're always better then Atlanta. if thats any consilation.
Minnesota Timberwolves: Highest paid player in NBA history, and we fail to make the playoffs.
New Jersey Nets: Are water is as dirty as Vince Carters mouth.
New Orleans Hornets: We want to be the Jazz....wah..wah....wah.
New York Knicks: 100 Million plus, and we still can't make the playoffs.
Orlando Magic: If we can't win in the regular season, we will win the lottery.
Philadelphia 76ers: AKA Allen Iverson and 11 other guys.
Phoenix Suns: Defense, Set plays.... what are those?
Portland Trailblzers: You have the right to remain silent anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law....
Sacramento Kings: We have shooters who can't shoot.
San Antonio Spurs: We make watching paint dry seem exciting.
Seattle Sonics: Help, we've gotten Vladimir Radmonavic confused with our Mascot.
Toronto Raptors: The only thing colder then our Shooting, is our fans attitudes towards us.
Utah Jazz: We were better with scrubs then medocre stars.
Washington Wizards: Since winning our only title, we've done nothing.


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