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The Heat is being turned down in Miami!

Today the Miami Heat added center Alonzo Mourning, and it got me wondering. Are the Heat acquiring to much talent, and will they end up with Portland Trailblazers syndrom?

In the early 2000s the Blazers added a lot of players to their team, most of them all-star caliber. And yet they never we able to advance past the Western Finals. The Miami Heat seem to be doing the same thing.

This off-season the traded forwards Brian Grant, Lamar Odom, and Caron Butler to the Lakers for Shaquille OíNeal. That trade so far has looked to be in Miamiís favor, and will probably continue to be in Miamiís favor. Then the bring in Michael Doleac, Keyon Dooling, and Wesley Persons. While these guys are not the most talented players in the league, they fit Miamiís system and they played well together. Then after the season had started they signed Shandon Anderson, and to make room for Anderson they needed to waive a player, the logical choice was Matt Freije.

These Moves were subtle and not anything more then something you see at the back of the sports page in your local newspaper. The Heat played great with these guys, ending up with the best record in the Eastern conference before the All-star break. But before the break the Heat signed troubled free agent guard Qyntel Woods, and dropped never used Jerome Beasley. Woods is a player who was to much for the trailblazers to handle, and yet the Heat think they can tame him. Last Thursday the trading deadline comes, the Heat for some reason feel they need to make a deal, so they trade forward Malik Allen to the Bobcats for veteran shooter Steve Smith. Another disgruntled guard. Now they have added Mourning, and injury plagued center who hasnít played since December.

While on Paper these deals look fantastic, the Heat have broken down their team. They have ridden themselves of two big but seldom used healthy players, and acquired themselves two injury plagued seldom used small guys who are prone to throwing tantrums, and an old washed up former All-star with a kidney problem. So what is the payoff here? I do not see one.

In conclusion these trades may prevent the Miami Heat from reaching the NBA finals. They just simple wont have the muscle needed to beat the Pistons. They have put together a team that is fun to watch, but there will be 29 of those this season, but there will be only one champion and that will not be the Miami Heat.

Written by:
Michelle Trachtenberg