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So I'm sitting at home watching what appears to be the end of a what seems to be a semi boring game. when Ron Artest fouls Ben Wallace, and Ben Wallace shoved Ron Artest in the head. The players do their usual multi-million dollar gangster, big shot attitude dance, all the while Ron Artest is laying on the scorers table.
Then once the referees get things calmed down, some stupid fan throws a half empty cup of beer on Ron Artest and he freaks. charges into the stands, and punched some fan. Stephen Jackson soon follows, and he punches a fan. then Detroits Rasheed Wallace goes into the crowd to of all things break up the fight. then the entire Pacers teams is in the stands. all the while I'm thinking to myself "Am I watching the WWE?".

Personaly I think Artest, Jackson, and Jermaine O'Neal should be suspended atleast the rest of the season. and in Ron Artest's case a lifetime suspension might not be a bad idea. the NBA needs to set a presidence so this never happenes again. also Ben Wallace should be suspended atleast 5 games. and for two home games in Detroit there should be a fan suspension. IE no fans allowed in the arena. or move the games to some other venue. because something has to be done about the fans in this situation too. they are just as guilty as the players. and Aubrun Hills Police need to arrest alot of these fans. especially the fat black guy, and the white bald guy who kept hitting Ron Artest from behind. the Players also need to be arrested. Jermaine O'Neal assulted that kid Ron Artest knocked down. Ron Artest assulted that guy when the fight first started. and Stephen Jackson assulted someone too. These players need to be made examples of, because this is unreal, and unacceptable.

The only ones I feel sorry for are the little kids who just wanted to see their hero's play basketball, and the REAL NBA FANS who had nothing to do with this, and probibly would never have anything to do with something like this. these are the people who will lose out in the end. because the NBA will probibly make it so that little kids cannot go down and get autogrpahs during warmups. and this is just sad, because you noticed the look of happiness and joy on these kids faces when they get an autogrpah from their favorite player. and alot of the players like the Autogrpah sessions, as it gives them a chance to interact with the fans.

The NBA is also going to lose money, because now some parents may be aprihensive about taking young children to a basketball game, where they could be involved in a riot.

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    Written by: Jackson D Blytchings