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Youíre a hard working productive member of a company, you have worked for this company for two years, this company has been good to you, they pay you a decent wage. You have enough money to feed yourself, and your family. You have nice things. Youíre pretty much living the American dream. But your company has contracts, and yours has expired. You have been negotiating with this company and they say they are willing to pay a little more then you made last year, but its still isnít as much as you feel you are worth, you tell your company that you want a few days to think about it. While youíre thinking about it, a rival company calls you, and says they are willing to pay you much more then your other company, give you a longer contract then your previous company, and all you have to do is to sign on the dotted line. So, what company do you pick?

Like most people, you probably picked the new company who is willing to give you much more money then the other company. Now lets say you are Carlos Boozer, your previous company is the Cleveland Cavaliers, and your new company is the Utah Jazz. So why is this such a big controversy?

Well a lot of people feel that Boozer is being unethical, but I donít really buy into that. He is a man, trying to live a better life. Yes his checks have a lot more zeros at the end of them then any check Iím ever going to see in my lifetime. But still, wouldnít you do the same? I defiantly would.

Oh yeah you can say but he promised he would sign with them, which is half true. He did say he would accept their offer. But nothing was binding, and if there was any such binding deal between Boozer and the Cavs, then it will get real ugly, but not for the Jazz, the Cavs will be the ones in trouble. Remember when the Minnesota Timberwolves offered Joe Smith a contract before players could legally sign? Any deal implied or otherwise between the cavs, and Boozer would violate this same rule. Meaning the Cavs could be fined up to three million dollars, lose draft picks, and team personal could be suspended up to one year. Another thing Iíve heard from cavs fans is that they would like some compensation from Utah for losing Boozer. There is no way this will happen, unless the cavs can convince both Boozer and the Jazz into a sign-and-trade. What the Jazz did was not illegal, nor should they pay compensation for luring Boozer away from the cavs. Did the Clippers get compensation when Lamar Odom Signed with Miami, or should the Lakers get compensation if Kobe Bryant decides to sign elsewhere? The obvious answer is no. Free agent means, free and not under contract, meaning you can sign anywhere you want.
The last thing Iím going to touch on here is the Ethics question. And Iím just going to put it this way, in a league were players are raping, smoking weed, drinking and driving, beating up their wives, fighting, and being all out decedents, but yet we say nothing about the ethics of that, then we have no right to question the ethics of contract negations.