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Team Draft Picks Needs Who could fill in
21,42 PG The Hawks need a true Point Guard. Jason Terry is good, but he would do alot better if moved to Shooting guard.
20 PG,C The Celtics could us another Point Guard, but JR Bremer showed signs that he might be able to be their guy. What the Celtics despertly need is a consistant center. Battier hasnt produced much since being drafted.
7,36,45,52 Vetran leadership The Bulls have their nucleus filled in, what they need now is experiance. they tried getting that two years ago from Charles Oakley but that didnt work out. and last year they tried Donyell Marshall. this year they should go after someone cheaper, and more reliable, possable someone like Rick Fox.
1,30 SG, bench LeBron James will fill the void at shooting guard for the Cavs, thus making Ricky Davis move to Small Forward, and Carlos Boozer to Power. with Illgauskas, and Wagner to fill the starting five, the Cavs could have a bright future ahead of them.
29 C, PF The Mavs where just two wins away from the NBA finals, so they have the team, but they need defensive players, and bigmen. Dallas will probibly go after both in the same player. all ready names have been thrown out there on who the Mavericks will sign. Two that keep comming up are PJ Brown, and Karl Malone. Both would cost Dallas a Pretty Penny, but could get Dallas a Championship ring.
3 Everything The Nuggets have no clue what is going on, they need help everywhere, after trading their best player in last years draft for practically nothing, the Nuggets keep getting worse. Rumors have it that free agent Point Guard Gilbert Arenas will be going there. but he alone cant get Denver to be decent
2,58 SF, Scorer After being swept in the Eastern Finals and getting the #2 overall pick the Pistons arent in bad shape. I think they will add their scorer and small forward with the same pick, that pick being Carmelo Anthony.
11,41 PG The much improved Warriors have a must do on their hands, they must resign Gilbert Arenas. then they have another problem, what else do they need? Experiance is the only thing the Warriors are lacking, after another year or two of just barly missing the playoffs, the Warriors should be able to finaly make it
44 PF,Coach Maurice Taylor just isn't doing it for the Rockets, he is injurd alot of them, and when he does play he isnt very effective. the Rockets should try to add someone like Keon Clark to they team. Clark would fit in nicly in the Rockets rotation. also Houston needs a new coach, after Rudy T. stepped down after 11 years at the helm.
49 SG The Pacers need a replacement for Reggie Miller, Millers number and time droped dramatically last season. they also need to hire a theropist for forward Ron Artest. him brainless Baboon antics cost his team many games, and him alot of money. if the Pacers are to survive in the East next year, they must get him under control.
6, 34 resign, coach The Clippers need to resign their free agents, maninly Andre Miller, Lamar Odom,Elton Brand and Micheal Olowokandi. then they need to go out and get a coach that could coach. Rick Carlisle would be a good fit for them, he could turn the team around, if thats is at all possable.
24,32 PG,SF,PF After 3 NBA Championships the Lakers are in trouble. Other then Shaq and Kobe the Lakers don't score. which in the NBA today is a must. the Lakers will probibly look to vetrans like PJ Brown, Karl Malone, Lamar Odom, Gary Payton, and Tim Hardaway to fill their voids
13,27 C The Grizzlies always need something dont they? like it will matter, they will suck next year too.
5, 33, 53 C,PG The Heat need help, but they should use the 5th pick to take Chris Kaman to fill the center spot, and will probibly look to fill their Point guard vacancy will an older vetran like Mark Jackson.
8,35,43 C The 3 headed monster known as the Bucks Center will be at question in this draft again. after taking Dan Gadzurich last year, and Trading for Jamal Sampson the Bucks got nothing from the center spot yet again. I doubt the Bucks try for a center in the first round, they will probibly try and go after Brad Miller in the offseason
26,55 SF If the Wolves can resign Rasho Nesterovic in the summer and get a healthy Joe Smith for all of next season they should be alright. the will probibly go after Ricky Davis again this summer after failing to get him last summer, but to do so will cost them their picks probibly, and Joe Smith.
22,51 resign Jason Kidd if the Nets resign Kidd, then unless a major injury to a starter they should be back in the finals in 2004
18,48 C, Coach The Hornets need to do something about their centers, one night they will be great, the next they wont show up. but first and formost the coaching spot musted be addressed. after firing the entire coaching staff the Hornets will have to look hard as most the big names have already signed elsewere.
9,31.39 PG,C The Knicks are preying that Antonio McDyess will be healthy next year, if he is the Knicks could be back in the playoffs. but they also need a center. and since Scott Layden has a fettish with anything from Utah, you can bet he will be after the Jazz to trade Ostertag to New York.
15 Grant Hill to stay healthy Yeah Grant Hill being healthy my sound like an Oxy-moron but its what orland really needs. him and T-Mac havent even played a full month together. fi both are healthy then the Magic could be a top seed in the East.
50 coach The Sixers are one of many teams that needs a new coach. get them that and they should be Ok.
17 C The Suns hit the Jackpot last year with Amare, they will try to do the same this year, but with no big time Center being avalible at 17 they will have to throw the dice again.
23,54 PG,C The Blazers need a real Point guard, and a real center. last year they used a small forward(Pippen), and a Power forward(Davis) to fill these spots. the Blazers prey that Marcus Banks is still avalible to them
25,56 C Vlade Divac is old, the Kings will look for a new Center this year. they want to resing Keon Clark so he could be their answear. also they would like Jermaine Oneal, but probibly cant afford him
28 C This is David Robinsons last year, so this offseason the Spurs will need to add a new center, a spot which they havent looked to improve in years. they want a big name free agent, Brad Miller, Jermain Oneal,Micheal Olowokandi, Rasho Nesterovic and Karl Malone are all possabilities.
12,14 PF, C after last years dismal showing from their big men Seattle needs to get some real players at that position. Ron Murry could come along, but not likly. and with little cap room, the Sonics better hope they find a diamond in the ruff.
4, 52 PG,C, Coach last year could have possably been the worst year in team history. after having a heroic effort from the role players the year before to get into the playoffs, the Raptors just plain and simply sucked last year. the need a vetran bigman, and should find him with someone like Tony Massenburg, or Elden Campbell.
19,47 PG,SG,PF Yes it is true, the Jazz need a Point Guard, and a Power forward. after losing John Stockton to retirement, and Possable Losing Karl Malone to free agentcy the Jazz need to find their successors. one name that keeps floating around is Andre Miller. Miller went to College at the University of Utah so its not that far of a stretch. the Jazz could use their first round pick top draft someone like Mario Austin.
10,38 PG,SF,C TheWizards couldnt even make the playoffs with Micheal Jordan, so its time to look at the big picture, the team is doomed! after years of making bad draft picks, and stupid trades the Wizards are in big trouble. they need to resign Jerry Stackhouse, and let the others go. and then address the center problem in the draft.