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pos name team why
F Allen, Malik Miami Heat Allen a part time starter last year turned alot of heads with his hard nosed attitude, and his hussell. if given the Chance he could do the same this year.
G Arroyo,Carlos Utah Jazz Sledom used 3rd PG for the Jazz last year, has been turning head in the Pan-American game. and with him being the only experianced PG the Jazz have, he could get lots of playing time.
F Baxter,Lonny Chicago Bulls His Big frame, and moblity make him a threat to opposing team, caused havoc in the Rockey Mountain Review for opposing teams. if he gets a chance, should put decent numbers up next year.
G Evans, Reggie Seattle Supersonics Didnt see much action until after the Gary Payton trade, but provided some help to the Sonics later in the season.
G Gadzurich, Dan Milwaukee Bucks Showed flashes of being a decent center last year, and with the Eastern conferance weak, he could blossom.
G Giricek, Gordan Orlando Magic Second rounders seldom make a team, and rarly do they become starters. well thats what Giricek did, his shooting ability will allow pressure of T-Mac as well.
G Glover, Dion Atltanta Hawks Last two months of the season where monsterous for Glover, who put up 17+ ppg. he could be a diamond in the rough.
C Jackson, Marc Philadelphia 76ers Had an out standing rookie year, had a major dispute with the Warriors after they match an offer sheet keeping him in Golden State. now he is in Philly, and a change of venue is probibly what he needs.
F Jeffries, Jared Washington Wizards Was having a great rookie season until he ended his rookie season with a leg injury last November. but with the Wizards needing some scoring, Jefferies could fill in just great.
F Madsen, Mark Minnesota Timberwolves Now that he is finaly out of LA, and the negitive press that serounded him, he is free to focus on Baskeball, and not dancing. Madsen is very likly to have a bust out season, nothing special, but will be a solid backup to Kevin Garnett.
G Pargo, Jannero Los Angeles Lakers Had a decent rookie year, and got some minutes which is rare for a Rookie under Phil Jacksons system. and wasnt to bad when he did play.
G Parker, Smush Clevland Cavs Undrafted rookie free agent who became a starter with the Cavs last year. Probibly wont be playing for the Cavs when the seasons starts, but should contribute where ever he is.
F Prince, Tayshaun Detorit Pistons Busted out last year during the playoffs, giving himself and the coaches confidence in his play. look for Prince to continue this in the regular season.
F Randolph, Zach Portland Trailblazers Big frame, and a good all around player, hasnt been given much of an oppertunity in the Forward pack Blazers lineup.
G Woods, Qyntel Portland Trailblazers With Scottie Pippens departure, Woods will take over the role.